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Cryptonym: QJFINK

Unknown identity. According to a cable in April of 1964 QJFINK was an old friend of Robreno (AMLASH-2), and also claimed to know AMLASH-1 (Rolando Cubela Secades) well.
The QJ digraph was related to Spain in a still-undetermined manner. Therefore it is possible that QJFINK was Spanish or was connected to Spain in some way. There may also have been a link with Luxembourg as the cable mentioned above stated that QJFINK was returning there on April 25th. In addition, QJFINK assessed UNSNAFU/14 as not being recruitable at that time. The CIA station in Paris did not believe QJFINK would be a good recruiter. QJFINK requested a meeting with UNSNAFU-14.


03/02/64: Cable from Brussels to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMNIP AMLASH MHAPRON: "1. Robreno usefulness for CI and FI need not involve AMLASH case. AMLASH mention was one of many items covered as indicated in Ref B. Problems seem following: A. Do AMWHIP-1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez) and Robreno have quick secure two way commo, has AMWHIP received info such as that in Ref B and had he reported Robreno travel to PARI and status there? If answers affirmative, no need for AMNIP-1 (Miguel Roche Monroy - Cuban DGI defector) to see Robreno again. B. If answers are negative, it would appear best to arrange secure two way commo through AMNIP-1. Use of post office boxes might solve problem without risk of provocation or exposure of KUBARKer (CIA). This could permit timely notice of Robreno travel, including to Cuba, reports from him, levying requirements, and arranging future contact with KUBARKer if and when appropriate. 2. Immediate problem is travel of Langosch (Harold Swenson) and AMNIP-1, probably HAGU and SAGO, and arrival SAGO in time to see target who has ETD 14 March. Unless advised to contrary Langosch and AMNIP will stop PARI after HAGU trip is resolved."


04/27/64: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN QJFINK UNSNAFU: "1. QJFINK contacted 21 April, briefed, and able see UNSNAFU/14 several times 22 and 23 April. Returning LUXE 25 April. Also met old friend 'El Mago' Robreno whose case familiar HQs. 2. QJFINK assesses UNSNAFU/14 as not recruitable at this time. States UNSNAFU/14 not commie but has great faith Fidel and believes regime will endure short of direct intervention by U.S. UNSNAFU/14 not overly happy present assignment under UNSNAFU/19 (Note: Cuban Ambassador to Paris, Antonio Maria Carrillo Carreras) but not significantly disaffected. PI from meetings being dissemed separately. 3. DIR: QJFINK somewhat sidetracked by meeting Robreno and offered introduce case officer to him, stating Robreno knows 'everyone.' Offer declined on basis Robreno has too many personal problems at this time. QJFINK claims also knows AMLASH/1 (Rolando Cubela Secades) well. 4. QJFINK cooperative and believe he honestly attempted fulfill requirements levied. However, believe UNSNAFU/14 did not open up to QJFINK but followed current regime line on economic picture, internal political situation and Cuban/U.S. rapprochement. Although QJFINK obviously interested idea his transfer PARI to work on Cuban target, do not believe would be worth while. While QJFINK appears have goodly number acquaintances among younger Cuban milieu, PARI assessment, which admittedly superficial, indicates he would not make impressive recruiter and that he would soon tire of mundane FI reporting role. 5. Dispatch follows with more detailed report. Appreciate LUXE assistance. 6. No index. C/S Comment: *QJFINK requested meet with UNSNAFU-14."

Gavin McDonald

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