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Cryptonym: QDELF

Possibly Hal Hendrix, Source with a great deal of background on Miami journalists. Identity still unknown.

104-10048-10124: TYPIC/OPERATIONAL: Special Activities Report on JMWAVE's Relationship with (deletion)

"QDELF has been questioned about AMCARBON-1, and he has indicated that AMCARBON-1 is regarded in the journalistic trade as an extremely likeable fellow who has a keen mind but who lacks experience in depth on Latin American affairs. It is QDELF's opinion that given an appropriate lapse of time, AMCARBON-1 will develop into one of the leading Latin American specialists in U.S. journalistic circles."

Larry Hancock, Someone Would Have Talked (2010), p. 144

"William Pawley introduced the managing editor of the Miami Herald to Shackley after pointing him out in a restaurant and identifying Shackley as the man who fed information to Hendrix... Seth Kantor (a Scripps-Howard writer) noted that Hendrix's intelligence connections were so obvious that he was referred to as "the spook" within the Scripps-Howard office."

104-10298-10158: Cable: Mr. Hal Hendrix Advised Reuterman that During Luncheon

Shackley writes during the Cuban missile crisis in Oct 1962 that if info from Hendrix on Cuba is used "by Hqs pls protect fact that info obtained from Hendrix. This most important if we are to continue development of Hendrix as a source."

1994.06.23.13:18:33:750005: Reel 68, Folder B - AMBUD [DELETION] MEMOS.

3/5/62: In response to a Hendrix article on that date naming the Nov. 30th Movement as the main force in the CRC, AMBUD-1/Miro Cardona wrote Hendrix in 1962: "No other North American newsman, in this Miami of the permanent quarreling, has exceeded you in service to the principles of liberty, progress and social justice in each corner of America." Miro then named eight other groups playing a role in the CRC, as well as other sectors of the population. Miro again commented on how pleased he was with Hendrix's articles the following month: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55635#relPageId=241&tab=page

Howard Cohen, Miami Herald obituary for Hendrix, March 16, 2015: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/obituaries/article14775488.html

Hendrix was a reporter for the Miami News starting in 1957. He swallowed a safety pin as an infant, giving him a distinctive voice (which may explain the cryptonym QDELF). A CIA official described Hendrix as an "asset". He won the Pulitzer in 1963 for his series of articles on Cuba. He was the first American journalist to report the presence of Soviet missiles on the island, two weeks before the Cuban missile crisis.

1994.06.23.13:18:33:750005: Reel 68, Folder B: AMBUD (Deletion) Memos

On 4/10/62 Hal Hendrix states, "Beware of 'Friendly' Fidel...possibility of rapprochement with Castro's Cuba.. promotion of this line of though could not be more stupid or damaging to the United States."

104-10312-10172: The Bayo-Pawley Affair

Miguel Acoca and Robert K. Brown, Soldier of Fortune magazine, 1975: "Only Hendrix, who won a Pulitzer Prize, and Senator Kenneth Keating, the New York Republican later defeated by Robert Kennedy, kept whipping up public opinion against Kennedy for covering up the presence of missiles in Cuba in the weeks leading up to the October crises. There is no doubt that Hendrix was fed his material by a CIA source in Homestead Airforce Base, just south of Miami. There is no doubt, either. that Keating was receiving CIA intelligence material."

Bill Simpich

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