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Cryptonym: PECTATE

Unknown identity. PECTATE is found in documents related to David Phillips. A memorandum in March, 1958, refers to Phillips as the PECTATE case officer. There is also a reference to Phillips leaving a withheld assignment, which would "bring up the problem of future CIA control of PECTATE."
In addition, a cable on December 6, 1963, mentioned that David Phillips had received a letter from PENUMBRA (it is unclear whether this is a cryptonym or not). There is a reference to the sender and Phillips being together at the beginning of PECTATE.


05/03/57, Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline PECTATE: "Phillips and family arrived 30 April."

104-10177-10121: PHILLIPS, DAVID ATLEE.

03/24/58, Memorandum from Withheld, Chief of Station: Subject: Future Resignation from CIA of David Phillips: "1. In a recent meeting with the Chief of Station, David Phillips, the PECTATE case officer, informally announced his intentions of resigning from CIA in the near future. At that time Phillips requested that Headquarters be informed by the Chief of Station. The decision to resign has been made informally, in order for the Station and Headquarters to have as much advance notice as possible. Actually, Phillips does not expect to leave his (REDACTION) assignment for about four months, or sometime in the month of July. Phillips reports that the PECTATE building will have been finished and occupied by PECTATE staffers long before that time....4. Phillips' plans for leaving the (REDACTION) assignment bring up the problem of future CIA control of PECTATE. Phillips has submitted to the Chief of Station his personal recommendations on this score, which have been considered in preparing a separate dispatch."

104-10097-10045: CABLE: EFFORT TO CONTACT

12/06/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline PECTATE: "1. Michael C. Choaden has received letter from PENUMBRA. FOLL is gist: 'I have been trying to find you for a long time but I have unfortunately not found out where you were until a few days ago when I met a friend called Alberto Slim (Choaden acquaintance) who had seen you in Mexico. The reason I want to find you is because I would like to find out if you are prepared to help me in the matter in which I got involved some years ago. You were right with me at the beginning of (PECTATE) and are certainly aware of all the facts more than anyone else. I have now for over a year been having terrible trouble and I was even blackmailed in trying to arrive at an amicable solution with the principals in Washington. However all the people involved have turned their back on me, and despite my repeated letters and telegrams to several of them I have not even had a reply. I somehow feel that you are not like them and that you will answer my request for finding an amicable settlement. However before I give you the details of the case and embarrass you with them, I would rather hear from you whether you would be prepared to take action or otherwise.' 2. Choaden will not answer for previous HQs instructions. PENUMBRA now aware Choaden official status MEXI and will undoubtedly continue seek contact if not visit MEXI seeking help. Request current HQs guidance. C/S Comment: *Action unit determined as though indicator AJAJA used."

Gavin McDonald

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