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Cryptonym: PBRAMPART

Unknown identity. PBRAMPART was often included as a slug in cables and dispatches. These documents mentioned a range of individuals from Mitchell WerBell, Joe Merola, and defector Vladimir Sloboda.
CIA officer, Frederick C. Randall, was a PBRAMPART officer in the Far East in the 1960's.


09/03/60: Cable from Frankfurt to Director: Slugline CART PBRAMPART CABEZONE: REF DIR 48082 (OUT 64181)*: "1. Unable thus far find any evidence Sloboda had any contact KUBARKers (CIA). 2. Capt Jack Manning ODIBEX (U.S. Army) rep SES informed Lyack 2 September he knew Sloboda well as member his section 525 MI Group Fort Meade in 1958. Says S. had access then to considerable personality info ODIBEX intel. S. visited Manning SES offices late last winter to borrow fifty dollars which later repaid. Visit lasted 20 minutes during which safes locked and no classified material exposed. Manning says S. knows generally purpose of CABEZONE and SES out not Manning's functions. According CABEZONE records this only visit S. to CABEZONE. 3. No KUBARKers in CABEZONE had dealings any nature with S. One KUBARKer thought he had heard member ODIBEX detachment CABEZONE say just after defection that S. had occasionally assisted them in some way but unable now identify speaker or otherwise verify this statement. Assume such impression could have been gained from S. visit to Manning para 2 above. 4. Alias Loring says he known to S. in capacity of Uphill liaison Camp King but not as Uphill liaison CABEZONE. 5. MKTOPAZ liaison to Camp King had no dealings with S. 6. Will report any additional items but tentatively conclude S. had no intimate knowledge KUBARK. 7. Request identity army type and full report all his statements to assist investigation here. C/S Comment: *HQs requested estimate SUBJ's knowledge KUBARK activities and personnel."

104-10222-10012: RANDALL, FREDERICK C.

09/19/63: Memorandum from Withheld, Acting Chief, FE to FE Career Management Committee: Subject: Recommendation for Promotion of Mr. Frederick C. Randall from GS-13 to GS-14: "1. Mr. Frederick C. Randall joined the Agency in September 1951 and has served in Headquarters and the Field on (REDACTION). He is currently assigned to (REDACTION) where he is chief of a section concerned with PBRAMPART and operational support activities. Mr. Randall has been in grade since September 1958 and was recently recommended for promotion to GS-14 by (REDACTION) Chief of Station. 2. In handling his primary duty, Station PBRAMPART responsibilities, Mr. Randall has set a pattern and established procedures which have been copied throughout FE Division. His work with his (REDACTION) colleague in (REDACTION) is excellent and his unassuming patience based on solid experience continues to be a distinct advantage for the Agency in the PBRAMPART field (REDACTION). The vast improvement in the (REDACTION) has been in large part due to his good work..."

104-10222-10012: RANDALL, FREDERICK C.

03/22/65: Memorandum for Chief, FE to FE Career Management Committee: Subject: Recommendation for Promotion of Mr. Frederick C. Randall from GS-13 to GS-14: ..."2. Mr. Randall's primary duty at the (REDACTION) Station is Station PBRAMPART responsibilities. Those responsibilities are broad and highly important to all PBRAMPART relations throughout the Far East...4. In the most recent fitness report on Mr. Randall, he was rated over-all 'Strong' and was given 'Outstanding' for the Specific Duty Number One, 'PBRAMPART Officer'...Mr. Randall has been able to play a prime part in our excellent PBRAMPART posture'"....


05/03/69: Cable to Withheld: Slugline PBRAMPART: "1. We note LNSHOE query dated 2 May to its HQs asking for traces on Mitchell L. Werbell. Wish to bring to your attention ref which replied to recent station request for traces on Werbell. Suggest you may wish pass gist of ref on FYI basis to local LNSHOE reps. 2. File: 201-259910."


10/28/70: Dispatch from COS, Withheld to Chief, WH Division (Info: Chief, SB Division): Subject: LIEMPTY Project/Operational Report, 1 July - 30 September 1970: Page 3: ..."8. LIEMPTY-9 (LICALLA), in addition to his picture-taking (perched for seven hours daily atop a ladder arrangement to see above the heightened garden wall), regularly provides a detailed 'attendance sheet' and a monthly summary of MHHARSH personnel activities. The photos are an indispensable tool in the day-to-day REDTOP operations program, providing photo identification of PCS and TDY MHHARSHers and assisting to determine probable RIS affiliation based on observed associations within the compound. The detailed 'attendance sheet' helps in keeping track of MHHARSHers present, their patterns and changes in pattern of activities. This information is often the principal tool in PBRAMPART activities, assisting in identifying the probable MHHARSH contacts of double agents dispatched to the MHHARSH installation..."

104-10435-10071: [RESTRICTED]

Unknown date: Dispatch from COS, Withheld to Chief, NE (Info: COS, Withheld, Chief, European Division): Subject: PBRAMPART Dimitrios Dimitrof: "1. Subject is Dimitrios Dimitrof aka General Dico Dimitrov; DPOB: 24 May 24 in Bulgaria; Citizenship: Unknown; Occupation: Movie film producer; Address: c/o Majorie Dare, 360 West 22nd Street, New York, New York; Miscellaneous: Claims to have worked for WOFIRM..."


12/06/74: Cable from Director to LA/Miami: Slugline MHABYSS PBRAMPART: "1. Regarding Joseph Raymond Merola (201-257804), U.S. citizen, Subject para 1 ref, please inform DEA the following...Merola, an occasional contact of our overt office in Miami since 1961. Periodically provides that office with foreign positive intelligence information. It is suggested that the FBI be contacted for additional information. 2. DEA HQs informed BKHERALD (CIA, Soviet Bloc division.) June 74 that Merola was of operational interest. They requested traces and stated he reportedly worked for BKHERALD in late 1950's. We replied that Mr. Merola had never worked for BKHERALD, although we were aware that he had made such claims on number of previous instances...7. FYI only: POA granted 63 for Subject's use in PM boat operations. However POA cancelled when he claimed he unable satisfactorily treat his seasickness. In 64, Subject interviewed by FBI in Los Angeles, California re group of Cubans in Miami involved in drug operations. Subject revealed his BKHERALD connections to FBI..."

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