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Cryptonym: MKNAOMI

A joint project between the CIA and the Army's Special Operations Division involving the use of chemical and biological agents for a variety of purposes including both incapacitation and elimination. Program operational between 1952 and 1970.

Project MKULTRA, The CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification - Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research Current Section: Appendix A: XVII.Testing and Use of Chemical and Biological Agents by the Intelligence Community

"Under an agreement reached with the Army in 1952, the Special Operations Division (SOD) at Fort Detrick was to assist CIA in developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery systems...MKNAOMI was terminated in 1970. On November 25, 1969, President Nixon renounced the use of any form of biological weapons that kill or incapacitate and ordered the disposal of existing stocks of bacteriological weapons."

Church Committee: Book I - Foreign and Military Intelligence Current Section: F. Chemical and Biological Activities

"CIA projects were distinct (from those of SOD) because they involved the mating of delivery systems to lethal or incapacitating biological agents, instead of harmless agents used in vulnerability tests...SOD developed pills containing several different biological agents which could remain potent for weeks or months, and dart guns and darts coated with biological agents. SOD also developed a special gun for firing darts coated with a chemical that could incapacitate a guard dog in order to allow CIA agents to knock out the guard dog silently, enter an installation, and return the dog to consciousness when leaving. SOD scientists were unable to develop a similar incapacitant for humans.

Church Committee: Volume 1 - Hearings on Unauthorized Storage of Toxic Agents Current Section: Testimony of Ambassador Richard Helms...

Helms testified he knew of no destruction of records of Project MKNAOMI.

Bill Simpich

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