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Cryptonym: MHBOUND

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MHBOUND was established during approximately 1958 as an outgrowth of the Project, a small CI operation "to maintain surveillance of activities to prevent hostile penetration and sabotage" during the construction of the new CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia.
MHBOUND's original corporate entity was Anderson Enterprises, Inc and grew into three separate corporations. In addition, it began with a single office in Arlington, Virginia, and expanded to four field offices (Arlington, Falls Church, Los Angeles and St. Louis). MHBOUND provided security services to any individual or company which might require them, as well as for federal government agencies and local government bodies. Moreover, MHBOUND conducted operations for the CIA's Office of Security. It was also used in projects TPOCTONAL, TAPIR, ZULU, STPROBE, MERRIMAC, AEDONOR, ISOTROPIC, TWOFOLD, DELICATE, PINEAPPLE and BOOTS.

178-10002-10045: [No Title]

02/07/75: CIA document from E. H. Knoche to David W. Belin: Page 5: ..."11. MHBOUND II - MHBOUND II is a proprietary which in the instance cited was involved in a project termed TWOFOLD. A separate folder has been submitted under this designator..."

178-10003-10453: [No Title]

06/26/75: SSCIA document from Frank Church to William E. Colby: "FILES: The following files are requested. In order to expedite their location, the Committee has indicated offices which appear to be the best starting point for a search..." (Page 4): ..."Directorate for Science and Technology...47. MHBOUND."

157-10014-10144: [No Title]

00/00/76: SSCIA document: Proprietaries: Page 90: "VI: Project MHBOUND: In 1958, at the time construction of the new CIA headquarters building in Langley was begun, a small counterintelligence operation was established to maintain surveillance of activities to prevent hostile penetration and sabotage. It was successful in its objectives and, therefore, upon occupancy of the building in 1962 the Project, now known as MHBOUND, was established as an outgrowth of the initial effort. From a single office in Arlington, Virginia, the project expanded to four field offices (Arlington, Falls Church, Los Angeles and St. Louis). Also, it grew from a single corporate entity into three separate corporations. The parent organization in 1962 was Anderson Enterprises, Inc., which operated in the greater Washington area and was set up to create a bona fide commercial corporation which would perform security services on a competitive basis for any and all individuals and companies which might require them, as well as Federal and local government units. In addition, it would conduct operations for the Office of Security of the CIA. This activity proved most successful, with customers utilizing it for document destruction, for consultation, for guard work, and for investigations...In addition to the conduct of investigations, MHBOUND was used in the following activities: (a) TPOCTONAL - cover monitoring of construction of CIA headquarters building...(c) TAPIR - covert monitoring of construction of CIA printing services building; (d) ZULU - surveillance of DOD civilian employees suspected to be potential defectors to Soviets; (e) STPROBE - testing security effectiveness at domestic DDS&T sites and contractor facilities; (f) MERRIMAC - monitoring of dissident groups in D.C.; *This particular project and other aspects of MHBOUND's domestic activities are treated in greater detail in the Committee's Staff Report dealing with the operations of MHBOUND." (CONTINUED BELOW)

157-10014-10144: [No Title]

00/00/76: SSCIA document: Proprietaries: Page 92: "(g) AEDONOR - the proprietary hired and paid contract guards for one phase of this activity; (h) ISOTROPIC - the proprietary was a civilian contractor for the guard force at this installation; (i) TWOFOLD - was an Office of Security cryptonym for an operation to recruit, process and train undercover internal security agents for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs; (j) DELICATE - security support for DDS&T project, consisting mainly of badging and entry controls, background investigations, and escort of sensitive material; this is the only such activity currently being serviced by MHBOUND; (k) PINEAPPLE - physical surveillance of an Agency courier suspected of living beyond his means; also involved a surreptitious entry into his apartment; (l) BOOTS - physical surveillance of an Agency employee 'who maintained contact with people of questionable loyalty'; also involved an audio penetration of the employee's apartment and a mail cover...Los Angeles is the only MHBOUND office currently in operation. During Fiscal Year 1975, 2,226 investigations were conducted, 6,125 man-hours were rendered in support of DELICATE, and a total of $551,000 was expended...MHBOUND, as noted, has provided support to the Office of Security and Agency operators on a sensitive covert operations and investigative matters, CI/CE support for components of the Agency, custodial support, courier support on truly covert activity, guard support, special non-government and sensitive inquiries (CI/CE probes through STPROBE), technical and physical support in surveillances and Agency proprietary support." (CONTINUED BELOW)

157-10014-10144: [No Title]

00/00/76: SSCIA document: Proprietaries: Page 94: "Its commercial capabilities have included: confidential consultants, internal security management, security surveys, counter-audio measures and inspections, development, installation and maintenance of security protective equipment and devices, classified material storage equipment, secure destruction of classified waste, incinerator equipment sales, polygraph examination, investigations (personnel), and industrial undercover activities...Indeed, there has been constant review, criticism and internal restraint due to a certain fear and suspicion of entities such as Anderson which are 'out there' and not readily accessible to the leash. For example, in June of 1964, the Chief of the Operation Support Division wrote to the Deputy Director of Security (Investigations and Operational Support) concerning MHBOUND's policy and procedures. In terms of operational objectives he noted that they had 'created an operational support entity of dubious capability and with ill-defined objectives or purpose'...He 'received the definite impression that there may be some grey area with regard to the internal channels of command and administrative direction.' He noted that there was confusion resulting from lack of a clear-cut distinction 'at just what level policy matters may be decided...' Management procedures for the project were such that 'under the current status everyone may take credit but no one could be blamed.' As far as operational capability was concerned he remarked: Quite candidly, I am somewhat concerned about the operational capability of Project MHBOUND. It seems, as a result of its Topsy-like growth, to be oriented toward the military and the building trades. Quite candidly, it is felt that the base must be broadened..."

157-10014-10144: [No Title]

00/00/76: SSCIA document: Proprietaries: Page 44: .."MHBOUND - MHBOUND/3, a security services company which supported Agency programs involving contractor personnel and offers limited services to commercial customers for cover purposes. This company is almost completely subsidized by the Agency..."

157-10014-10144: [No Title]

00/00/76: SSCIA document: Proprietaries: Page 67: "ENTITIES DISSOLVED (Continued) TAB A...Security Services: MHBOUND/1, MHBOUND/2."

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