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Cryptonym: LITENSOR

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Adolfo Lopez Mateos, President of Mexico in 1963.

104-10187-10003: CIA FILE ON (ASSET)

12/3/62 priority cable from Mexico City to Director: "LITENSOR via LIELEGANT asked (Chief of Station) for a report on activities and associates of Juan Jose Arevalo in Mexico. Request HQS advise what reply (Chief of Station) should give; also, request permission (to) advise Ambassador Mann of request and reply."

104-10103-10362: WITHHELD

9/8/63 memo from JMWAVE to Director: "WAVE most understanding of MEXI complex problem re gaining audience with LITENSOR and does not desire belabor issue with redundant info re status of discussions."

Bill Simpich, State Secret, Chapter 4. http://maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter4.html

On November 23, the president of Mexico himself, Adolfo Lopez Mateos using the cryptonym of LITENSOR, called Win Scott. President Lopez told Scott that LIENVOY-2 had just come up with the September 28 transcript![ 24 ] The CIA considered LIENVOY-2’s focus on the September 28 transcript to be of immediate operational importance. The CIA had known about the September 28 call for two months - but now the Mexicans were looking at it. Given the sensitivity of that call, the officers in the know could not have been pleased about it. Did the Mexicans come up with a tape as well?


11/23/63 cable MEXI 7028 from Mexico City to HQ: "COS (Chief of Station) had urgent call to see LITENSOR 23 Nov. COS thought it would be for expression condolence over loss of Pres Kennedy but it developed that LIENVOY had located call to Soviet Embassy of Lee Oswald made on 28 September. Believe fact of LITENSOR aware of this contact (from our joint operation) and passed data to COS (Chief of Station) is important."

Oswald 201 File, Vol 2, Folder 6

"Read to President night of 25/XI/1963. S." "S" is the signature of Chief of Station Win Scott. This note appears to be a reference to the "President" of Mexico, who was LITENSOR. Almost certainly, the document at pages 43-46 was read to the President. The memo (pages 43-46) It is designed to spread blame on the Cubans and Soviets, and Silvia Duran in particular. Oswald is described in the very first paragraph as 5’ 10”, 165, with blue-grey eyes.

John Martino, Human Events, January 1964: http://cuban-exile.com/doc_226-250/doc0237.html

Martino, a former prisoner in the Cuban jails and right-wing activist, argued that Castro planned the assassination to checkmate any US-USSR deal to replace him with a Tito-type figure. Martino wrote about Lopez Mateos: "...whose pro-communist background and associations are myriad...(when President Tito came to visit) newspaper publishers were ordered to publish only laudatory articles on the Yugoslav dictator...The Cubans in the South Florida area have had dealings with Oswald..." He claimed Oswald unsuccessfully tried to join INTERPEN, the DRE and JURE. (Note: Miami, then New Orleans, then Dallas)..."The fact that the crime was committed in Dallas, a center of American conservative and nationalist movements, was probably not accidental. Had Oswald managed to escape to Cuba, the liberal press and the Establishment could have placed the entire blame for the murder of the President, not on America's communist enemies, but on those who love this country and wish to preserve its institutions and its heritage."


12/19/66, dispatch from Chief, Mexico City to Director: "The LIENVOY Project was created in late 1958 and put into operation in early 1959 at the request of LITENSOR who appointed LIELEGANT as his special assistant to work with (Chief of Station Win Scott) in the supervision and administration of the project. In mid-1964 it became evident that LIRAMA would replace LITENSOR in December 1964. (LIRAMA was then LITEMPO-2 and a clandestine liaison contact with (Win Scott) under the LITEMPO project but was not knowledgable of the (Scott)/LIELEGANT/LITENSOR relationship with Project LIENVOY. On 10 August 1964 LIRAMA met with (Scott) and LIELEGANT and advised them that LITENSOR had briefed him on the LIENVOY project in detail and that it should be continued with the same personnel and the same manner of operation...both LIELEGANT and LIENVOY-2 were given nominal positions on LIRAMA's staff with cover for daily contact with LIRAMA. Mexican targets (for LIENVOY): Of the 30 lines covered, at least 15 of them are always exclusively for (CIA), the remaining targets are selected by LIRAMA but are also of definite interest to (CIA) as sources of positive and CE/CI intelligence."

Bill Simpich

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