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Cryptonym: LITEMPO-4

Fernando Gutierrez Barrios, head of the Mexican secret police (DFS) from 1964 to 1970, and later held other Mexican government posts. Gutierrez Barrios was part of Mexico City station chief Win Scott's LITEMPO program.

Our Man in Mexico p.308, Brothers in Arms p.xii

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Gutierrez was "in charge of the DFS at the time of the 1968 massacre of several hundred peaceful student protesters in the Plaza of the Three Cultures (Tlatelolco), an event as deeply seared in the Mexican national consciousness as the Tienanman massacre in the Chinese psyche...(He was also one of the forces) behind the formation of the White Brigade." Also known as the Brigada Blanca, it was accused of torture and the cause of the disappearance of several thousands students and political opponents.

104-10263-10035: DISPATCH, UNDER SEPARATE COVER IDENTITY (201-800405)

12/18/68 dispatch from Mexico City station chief Win Scott to C/WH: "LITEMPO-12 (Nazar Haro) reported that she is living in IDEN D. She is the personal 'contact' of LITEMPO-4 and her hotel bills are being paid by the DFS. She was used as the 'link' between IDEN C and the students...because of the sensitivity of this case, at this time the station is reluctant to go back to the LITEMPOs unless directed to do so by Headquarters."

1994.05.31.13:07:52:000005: Reel 7, Folder Q - ELENA GARRO DE PAZ

This attachment to the above 12/18/68 dispatch states that IDENTITY A is Elena Garro, IDENTITY B is Arne Ekstrom and that IDEN C is her writer-friend Carlos Madrazo. Ekstrom was a CIA officer in 1956 with Emmons Brown. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=12790&relPageId=2&search=%22arne_ekstrom%22 Brown wrote C/WH William Broe, told him he had heard from "former agent" Ekstrom, and said that he would tell him the matter with Garro was "sent to the experts and leave it at that". http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=38043&relPageId=2&search=%22i_plAN%20TO%20TELL%20EKSTROM%22

1994.05.31.13:06:43:960005: Reel 7, Folder P - ELENA GARRO DE PAZ [SOFT FILE].

Garro states that her "cousin" in the Duran family is Lydia Duran, who is very poor and has a small job at an anthropological museum. Her other Duran cousins are Horacio and Ruben - all three of them are allegedly communist sympathizers. This page states that Ruben is married to her cousin. (p. 16 of 41) The communist Ricardo Guerra converted Horacio. Garro hated Silvia and considers her a whore. Ruben says he is not really a communist and they shouldn't have killed Kennedy. Ruben said Silvia got him involved with Oswald. (p. 21 of 41) Win Scott is stunned by her imagination. (p. 35 of 41). In late 1964, she was renting a room to June Cobb and trying to speak with Robert Kennedy who had recently visited. (p. 37 of 41)


Comments prepared circa 1969 by AC/WH/1 Ernest Tsiberdouss: "The search team that arrested Fidel Castro (in 1956) and did the interrogation was LITEMPO-4 (now an important Station contact) and only about four years ago or so told COS about the calling card of LEONOV."


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