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Cryptonym: LITARDY-1

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Unknown identity. LITARDY-1 was described in a June 1960 dispatch as a double-agent.
There are repeated references to LITARDY-1 possibly moving to New York City in the documents. In addition, there are references to LITARDY-1's musical contacts and his study of the violin in a undated document (probably sometime in late 1963). Therefore, it is very likely that LITARDY-1 had a major interest in music.


06/29/60, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: LIFEAT Project Renewal Request. PROJECT REVIEW - PROJECT LIFEAT: Page 5: ..."Operational Leads and Support Provided Other Station Operations: During the period covered by this project review, LIFEAT continued to support the Mexico City Station through its timely production of leads which were especially useful, and in most cases essential, in assuring the success of other Station operations. The following is a list, necessarily selective, of the use made of leads from, and support of other projects rendered by Project LIFEAT. LIFEAT/LIMERICK: ...3) LIFEAT has provided a check on double-agent LITARDY-1, giving verification of his activities and contacts. A similar check has also been provided on the activities of informant LIPAGAN-1..."


10/23/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline LCIMPROVE LITARDY-1: "1. Time is approaching when SUBJ, per last Sov instructions, may opt come MEXI and recontact Sovs. Basis SUBJ's unexpected last visit here, assume that HQs has now arranged coordination with FBI so that Station has timely foreknowledge of visit and of info cleared for passage. In particular however Station believes best not have SUBJ come MEXI until after Kuznetsov returns from home leave. Suggest HQs so advise FBI. 2. Basis ops objective of moving agent New York, coupled with his natural possibilities of doing same, MEXI further suggests that HQs coordinate with FBI to effect this, laying groundwork prior SUBJ visit Mexico, please advise. C/S Comment: *Dissemination applicable to CSSOP (sp) 210-317 cables. **Cable pre-dates CS files. Copy may be seen in CIA cable reference file."

104-10098-10358: OPERATIONAL CABLE

12/18/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline LCIMPROVE LITARDY-1: "1. Recognize that FBI primarily responsible for control of SUBJ in U.S. but MEXI wishes suggest that tack para 2 ref may not produce desired results. Doubt that Sovs will transmit funds to him in U.S., if they do, probably only after very protracted time delay. 2. View past Sov instructions SUBJ to visit MEXI after 6-8 month wait, recommend that agent be instructed come MEXI early Jan. Above recommendation made on assumption that most recent FBI action and/or Sov response does not conflict with SUBJ trip here."


Undated, Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Mexico City: Slugline LCIMPROVE/LITARDY: "1. Attached herewith are advanced copies of FBI memorandums dated 21 and 24 October 1963 concerning the latest developments in the LITARDY operation. 2. In response to the Station's request in reference, we were preparing to suggest to FBI that LITARDY-1 be instructed to go to Mexico City upon Kuznetsov's return and that he recommend to Kuznetsov that he (LITARDY-1) attempt to obtain employment in New York City, stressing that this would enable him to nerve the Communists and further his study of the violin. Information received in the attachments necessitated a change in our plans. 3. Attachment A indicates that a second exchange of letters between LITARDY-1 and Kuznetsov has taken place, that as of 28 August Kuznetsov was still interested in LITARDY-1's future plans and that LITARDY-1 has informed Kuznetsov that he is doing everything possible to obtain employment in New York City. We believe that unless a future letter from the Soviet in response to the agent's letter of 18 October indicates that he desires personal contact with the agent, LITARDY-1 should remain in the United States and continue to press his musician contacts for help in obtaining some position in New York. It appears likely that the agent can maintain mail contact with Kuznetsov. 4. We have informed FBI of the above views and that if Kuznetsov requests that LITARDY-1 travel to Mexico, he should be permitted to go. We have requested that if he be given advance notice of his departure date and FBI's instructions to him and a list of the material cleared for passage in time to alert the Station prior to his departure." (CONTINUED BELOW).


Undated, Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Mexico City: Slugline LCIMPROVE/LITARDY: Page 2: ..."5. At some point in the near future, depending upon the development of the operation, CIA will have to decide if the monthly payments during long periods of inactivity when LITARDY-1 is in the States can be justified by the potential value of the agent to CIA. At that time we will consider whether to request that FBI assume the financial responsibility. At the present time, it appears possible that he will get to New York City and that he will continue to be of considerable interest to both FBI and CIA."

104-10062-10227: DOCUMENT LISTINGS.

06/16/77, CIA document: Page 16: ..."HMMW-12172: LCIMPROVE/LITARDY: 201-0106794: 13/12/63: AO WH3/ME..."

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