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Cryptonym: LITAMIL-2

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Either Orlando Cardenas or Rafael Silvio Pena Perez. LITAMIL-2 was born in 1918. Resided in the US from 1936 to 1941. Had diplomatic plates in 1960. Purchased arms and equipment, established a clandestine radio station in Mexico prior to Castro's successful revolt. Recruited as a cut-out for LITAMIL-3. War name "Ulises".
LITAMIL-2 is 201-275992. 1956 - had arms seized in Miami - see https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=146841&search=%22IS_A+REGULAR%22+AND+FEDOR#relPageId=71&tab=page He is known to have Cuban diplomatic plates in 1960. Purchased arms and equipment, helped establish radio station in Mexico prior to final takeover of Cuba. L-2's established a clandestine radio station in Mexico before Castro left for Cuba. This document shows that such a station was set up by radio technician Fernando Margolle, who worked with Carlos Maristany. Prio's associates were part of the LITAMIL net. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html? docId=76466&search=%22clandestine_radio+station%22+AND+MEXICO#relPageId=6&tab=page Fernando Margolle, secretary of the Patriot Club of July 26, in Miami, left on November 19 to operate a radio plant in Mexico as a favor to Fidel Castro, cooperating with Carlos Maristany (in close relationship with Prio). The FBI investigated the Patriotic Club's ties in Miami and Key West with the July 26 movement and located Carlos Prío as a unifier. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.conexioncubana.net/general/opinion-portada/821-una-historia-cubana-sin-velos-de-vergueenza&prev=search Castro supporters outside Cuba set up the clandestine Cadena de la Libertad (Liberty Chain) to maintain day-to-day contact with the revolution and sometimes relay Rebelde broadcasts. Cadena de la Libertad's four stations were Indio Azul & Dos Indios Verdes (Blue Indian and Two Green Indians) in Venezuela, Indio Apache in Mexico, and Un Muchacho Unido (A Together Guy) in Miami. http://www.pateplumaradio.com/central/cuba/rebel1.html Julio Leal also used Ulises as war name, part of internal front of UR insid Havana with Alberto Quintana Maya - his brother Juan (see 124-90033-10125, last page) lived at the House on Harlandale in Dallas. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=72099&search=ulises_AND+%22WAR+NAME%22#relPageId=4&tab=page


"Tom Hazlett (aka Clyde Shryock) met LITAMIL-2 on 13 April 1960 in company with LITAMIL-1 in Mexico City."...See 104-10219-10411, which shows a meeting with Shryock and "LITAMIL-1, Orlando de Cardenas and Rafael Silvio Pena Perez, former close friends of Fidel Castro while he (in) Mexi"...Pena described as owner of radio station in Tegucigalpa heavily in debt. (By 1963, Pena was manager of Radio America in same city, see 124-10214-10371, p. 8). LITAMIL-1 was born in 1918. He lived in the US from 1936 to 1946. His wife - an American citizen - worked in Mexico City processing wiretaps and audio tapes. (Her name remains redacted as of 12/15/22 "When Castro was in Mexico, prior to 1957, LITAMIL-2 joined the 26th of July movement and worked as a support-type officer. He rented safehouses, automobiles, and other equipment which were needed. On occasion, he fed and housed the trainees in his home in Mexico City. LITAMIL-2 worked closely with Castro but did not join the expedition back to Cuba in the Granma; he remained in Mexico City assisting the revolution by collecting money which he used to buy arms and equipment for Castro and the group in the Sierra Maestra Mountains of Cuba. He also took part in the establishment of a radio station which served the Castro forces with information and propaganda. Following the Castro victory, LITAMIL-2 went to Cuba but, to his dismay, was snubbed by Castro who, according to rumor, thought LITAMIL-2 had leaked information to the Mexicans." Recruited as a cut-out for LITAMIL-3. Also see 104-10237-10059, a 4/28/60 document, reported by 201-251689 -who is AMCLATTER-1/Bernard Barker, a source reporting on Fiorini and Artime: "would like to know precise location, owner of station...and who cutout between (Artime) and 'Mex Radio Station'...WH comment: Rafael Silvio Pena, former operator 'Indio Apache' rebel radio Mexi, interested mount 'Indio Apache' once more and tell the people of Cuba the truth about Castro and his regime..."

124-10296-10195: No Title

November 1956: A clandestine radio station was set up by radio technician Fernando Margolle, who worked with Carlos Maristany. See Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_in_Honduras - 1948 marked the birth of Radio America. At that time Tegucigalpa (the capital) comprised two cities, divided by the Rio Choluteca. It was a small metropolis, both geographically and in population. Radio America broadcast with three kW of power; small by later standards, but sufficient for experimentation. Soon it increased its power to 10 kW, easily reaching audiences in the twin cities of Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela. The station was first owned by Sergio Castellón who, within a few years, sold it to Cuban entrepreneur Rafael Silvio Peña. Peña, bringing the Cuban concept of radio as a fresh approach, began with live performances (especially radio-novelas, or soap-operas). Peña brought in Emilio Díaz; the two developed programs popular in Cuba such as "La Tremenda Corte", which was known throughout Latin America. Subsequently Dr. Andonie Fernandez bought the station, maintaining its tradition while ushering in a new era.


8/6/58 dispatch sets forth structure of July 26 movement in Mexico. Names members of small leadership group: Leader is Gustavos Arcos Bergnes/NIELOPE, others are Hector Geiricelaya, Rafael Silvio Pena Perez aka "El Gordo" (radio operator), Orlando Ventura Reyes, Manuel Fernandez Torro, Manuel Carbonell, Manuel Machado/LITAMIL-1, Roberto Roca, Teresa Caruso Morin, Virginita (radio operator). Curiously, Fidel Castro's code name is "Alex", probably taken from his middle name "Alejandro". What is also curious is that Alejandro was the name of Oswald's mentor in the USSR in 1959, which many people believe resulted in Lee choosing the alias of "Alek Hidell" which was found on some of his identification cards - including a draft card allegedly found in his wallet on 11/22/63. During the previous month, Justo Carrillo, Angel Buch, Fidel Castro, others signed a unity statement vowing to work together in the wake of the overthrow of Batista. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=59594#relPageId=186 Also see 124-10284-10047, page 3, which refers to "ALEJANDRO": "If he manages to take Oriente, I think he will have won. Batista will then be forced to 'give up', pressured both by this defeat and by the revolt of the army proper." See p. 2: "The radio installations are designated by term 'Indio', e.g., 'Indio Apache', 'Indio Cuate', 'Indio Verdes'." Also see 4/28/61,104-10219-10419 - offers big hints that LITAMIL-2 and Pena are one and the same.


5/18/60 correspondence between Carrillo and LITAMIL-1. This PRQ states that L-2 knew L-1 was cooperating with PRPRIME/US Government. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=51971#relPageId=3&tab=page By July 1960, L-1 and L-2 were raised to "B" sources. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=51955&relPageId=2 7/18/60: LITAMIL-2 in communication with AMWAIL (Carrillo). l-1 and L-2 getting discouraged because the FRD is not seeking them out.

104-10219-10446: FORM:PRQ PART II - LITAMIL/1

5/25/60: LITAMIL-1's PRQ-2 states: "During 1958, (LITAMIL-1) was aware of zNIELOPE/Gustavo Arcos' contact with the case officer and on one occasion called the case officer to say that Arcos would not be able to make a meeting." Two pages earlier, it states that Arcos was a contact of the case officer Shyrock/Hazlett "prior to the downfall of Batista". See 104-10180-10060, p. 86: Gustavo Arcos was 201-205568. See 104-10103-10072: "A sustained effort by TFW to recruit (Arcos in 1962) in Brussels was unsuccessful. Despite failure, (Arcos) remained in close and friendly contact with TFW forces." Gustavo Arcos Bergnes set up Indio Apache and had diplomatic plates; he was born in 1926: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/gustavo-arcos-411210.html


6/7/60: L-1 and L-2 both planned to meet QDCOVE/Ricardo Lorie and AMWAIL/Justo Carrillo in Miami on June 10 to discuss unity. Both L-1 and L-2 have diplomatic plates, cars are duty free. If AMWAIL wants them to break with regime when he makes declaration, there will be a financial loss and "lost for intel purposes". Also see 104-10219-10437 - a 6/9/60 memo, which appears to identify LITAMIL-2 as Orlando Cardenas (but it could be a reference to a guest)


July 1960-March 1961: This bio sheet for Machado/LITAMIL-1 has "(Carrillo)" on the top right corner. ALSO see 7/18/60: LITAMIL-2 in communication with AMWAIL (Carrillo). LITAMIL-1 and LITAMIL-2 getting discouraged because the FRD is not seeking them out. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=51953&relPageId=2 See 104-10171-10087, 3/30/61: Rafael Pena and his radioman brother Jorge Albrerto and brother Roman will be joining him - Rafael will be coming to Mexico to create radio net for both Mexico and Venezuela.


4/29/61 cable from Mexico City to BELL: "LITAMIL-2 scheduled travel (to) Miami 29 April. Will remain Miami about four days. Will make contact Aurelio Fernandez/AMGLAD-2 of UR, Ricardo Lorie/QDCOVE and Justo Carrillo/AMWAIL-1 among others. No WAVE contact necessary. Re (BELL 0186) Ricardo Lorie called LITAMIL-2 from Miami few days ago and reported Silvio Pena probably returned Tegucigalpa. Station not aware purpose Pena's travel Miami as had expected him come first MEXI make arrangements re radio net. LITAMIL-2 will determine purpose Pena trip Miami this visit." Chief of station comment: "Is WAVE trip of Pena related to initialing operation?"

104-10219-10066 LITAMIL/1 201-267298

3/22/62 LITAMIL-2 is identified as C-82853, 201-275992. LITAMIL-4 is identified as C-86905, 201-275058. LITAMIL-6 is identified as C-93632, 201-304783. As of this date, Task Force W assumed all responsibility for these agents. The area of operations and duties for these agents did not change.


10/2/62: (Handwritten note - something like "Leopo - file JURE") Enio Leyva told L-2 that since he is not a communist, has had lots of problems, but can now see Castro when he wants. Leyva asked L-2 if he was in communication with JURE, L-2 said no. Levya wanted to see LITAMIL-1. Leyva was arrested with Frank Fiorini, Gustavo Arcos, and others in 1958 smuggling arms to Fidel. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=43312&relPageId=2&search=%22ENIO_LEIVA%22%20%22ENIO%20LEYVA%22 See 180-10141-10251, 9/27/63: LITAMIL-2 approached by Julio Lanier on behalf of Ray/AMBANG-1 and JURE. Want to start military operation against Cuba using Mexico as a base. Ray receiving money from Venezuela. 124-10214-10371, p. 8, 10/1/63: "According to Rafael Silvio Pena Perez, manager of Radio America in Tegucigalpa, Ray was there about 9/20/63, purpose unknown."


10/11/63, LITAMIL-2 is 201-275992. L-2 "turned over by Terrance B. McGee to Floyd N. Aimonet". JURE's HQ is in Caracas, with Lanier head of Mexican branch. By 10/5/63, L-2 decided to help him. Lanier wanted to know if L-2 was in contact with smugglers who provided equipment to Castro when he left on Granma in 1956. Lanier was also in contact with Opus Dei operatives. L-2 considered Lanier sincere but naive. Also reported that Enio Leiva (or Levya) is not head of Fidel Castro's personal bodyguards. Note that L-2 was the best man at Leiva's wedding, according to this post: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=27854&relPageId=2&search=%22ENIO_LEIVA%22%20%22ENIO%20LEYVA%22


10/29/63 memo from SAS/EOB David Ronis to Mexico City: HQ has no objection to LITAMIL-2 helping JURE reps with their visa problems. "Might be useful if L-2 makes pretense of helping in order (to) appear cooperative to Lanier." For more on L-2 and the visas, see https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=38338&search=%22hysage-1%22#relPageId=32&tab=page Lanier had been active among Catholics in Mexico on behalf of the FRD: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=26554&relPageId=18&search=lanier Also see 104-10176-10075 - p. 81: "(Floyd) Aimonet had LITAMIL-2 do special report on SUBJ Sep 64..." Aimonet was apparently LITAMIL-2's case officer. Also see 104-10216-10306 - 11/7/64 cable from Grace Roberts at EOB/MHAPRON to Mexico City asking "please get LITAMIL-2 to ask NIELOPE what's happening in Cuba along the lines of anti-Castro plotting..." LITAMIL-2 is trusted - "some uncertainty" about NIELOPE.

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