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Cryptonym: LITAMIL-17

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Alfredo Alberu Souto, brother of Luis Alberu Souto (LITAMIL-9), Cuban Cultural Attache in Mexico City.

104-10190-10196: Alberu (Souto), Luis - Brother

Alfredo Luis Souto was the brother of Luis Alberu Souto. Alfredo’s OS number (covert number) was 280 666.

104-10185-10264: 201 File of Protectable Source

2/8/63 cable from JMWAVE to Director: “WAVE station has strong interest using LITAMIL-9 in AMLEO op as possible link and/or courier into brother Alfredo and his wife ‘Conchita’ Fernandez. In discussing candidates for defection in place, AMLEO-3 named LITAMIL-9 as number one target who considered especially valuable as legal traveller agent to go (to) Cuba on leave and recruit brother Alfredo and through him his wife 'Conchita' Fernandez over whom Alfredo has strong influence. (Paragraph) In AMLEO-3's opinion, Conchita Fernandez key individual who has access not only to important information, but to key individuals in (Government of Cuba) who anti-Communist, pro-Fidel, but who now wavering in their faith in Fidel, as AMLEO-3 did, and good possibility they susceptible to well prepared, backstopped recruitment approach by well trusted member their 'loose fraternity'. (Paragraph) WAVE presently preparing target list (of) individuals considered by AMLEO-3 to be anti-Communist, supporters of Fidel, but now possibly ripe for correct approach by (US)...(Paragraph) AMLEO-3 unwitting KUBAR recruitment of LITAMIL-9. AMLEO-3 personal friend of LITAMIL-9...AMLEO-3 also points out that LITAMIL-9 would be perfect courier into Conchita and that LITAMIL-9 also used Cubana employees constantly to send all types contraband into Conchita and (Government of Cuba) Customs bypassed since Conchita has member (of) her office staff meet planes retrieve her packages and bring them directly to her. AMLEO-3 obtained auto parts (and) other items utilizing this channel of Conchita's. See 104-10175-10251: During Sept 1960, June Cobb described Conchita Fernandez as Fidel Castro's "real executive secretary who makes appointments, etc."


09/01/65, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: "1. LITAMIL-9 seems to be trapped inside Cuba. On 18 August the Case Officer met with LITAMIL-17 (L-9's brother) to review two letters received from L-9. One of these, dated 15 July and mailed at Gander, Newfoundland (presumably by an airline crew member), used the term 'de lo mas bien.' This is an indicator meaning 'I expect to leave within the year.' In another (updated) letter L-9 reports that he has been promoted to 'Secretario de Segunda.' 2. L-9 asked for a large quantity of art supplies and mentioned that he is doing a painting since he has not yet gone back to work. The quantity of material requested indicates that he expects to remain inside for some time. 3. The C/O asked L-17 to phone L-9, ostensibly to request further detail on how to ship the art supplies. In the course of the conversation L-17 was to ask L-9 how long he expected to remain in Cuba. L-17 reported on 28 August that he had spoken with L-9. L-9 said he did not expect to leave for 'a long time.' 4. With the recent defections of AMWASP-1 (note: Gilberto Alemany, a Cuban trade counselor in Tokyo) and a Cuban Ambassador in Europe it may be difficult for L-9 to obtain a foreign post. It is not likely that he could seriously be considered politically reliable by the Cuban Government. With the return of his mother and sister from Spain he no longer has an excuse to request permission to visit Madrid. The only bright spot on the horizon is his sister-in-law's close relationship to AMTHUG. L-17 feels that it is to her advantage to have L-9 abroad so L-9 can send her consumer goods which are unobtainable in Cuba. 5. At present the Station has no reason to believe L-9 will be able to leave Cuba any time soon."

104-10176-10073: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

11/03/66, Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: J. Stewart, Unit: WH/1): Slugline DYVOUR PBRUMEN LIRAVINE: Page 2: .."A. LITAMIL-17 (brother LITAMIL-9) asked Barker meet him San Pedro Sula, and (REDACTION) for accommodation address for L-17 in Honduras and asked Mexico City for latest on LITAMIL-9. B. (REDACTION) furnished accommodation address for LITAMIL-17 in Honduras."

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