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Cryptonym: LITAINT-5

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Julian Arias Prado, a member of Task Force W's Debriefing Unit in Mexico City in 1962; active with LITAINT since 1960 after resigning as Cuban vice consul in Los Angeles and moving into Mexico. Later known as AMTOAD-1 when he moved to Brazil during 1962.
His alias in 1962 was Angel Aparicio Laurencio

John Newman, Oswald and the CIA, pp. 96-106 (2008 edition)

Nelson Delgado, Oswald's friend at the Marine base at El Toro, told the Warren Commission that Oswald was in contact with the Cuban consulate in 1959. Gerry Hemming told Newman that he made personal contact with Oswald at the consulate during that time period.


4/23/60: While still the Cuban consul in Los Angeles, Arias dropped in to visit LITAMIL-1. Arias said he was ready to resign anytime. "Arias friend LITAMIL-1, although during anti-Batista campaign he closer (to) Aurelio Sanchez Arango". LITAMIL-1 gave Arias the AMWAIL address in Miami, "told him write re his position".

104-10168-10368: Problem of Roberto de Varona Becoming Acute as Indicated Following Para

10/8/60, Mexico City to Director: Orrison reports that Roberto Varona has opened his own AMHAWK office in Mexico City. LITAINT-5 reports no one can get along with him including his brother Tony. Shyrock (Tom Hazlett) and Gestetner (Monell) learn that Roberto wants his own training base. Mexico City suggests that Gobernacion could arrest or deport Roberto and asks for input. 1/4/61: See 104-10219-10422 - LITAINT-5 is identified by handwritten marginalia as "Arias Prado", and that he was leaving Mexico for Miami on 1/4 or 1/5 with LITAMIL-1/Manuel Machado Llosas, LITAMIL-2 and the subject of MEXI 6975.

104-10414-10124: Mexico City Station History

LITAINT-5 is described as the Cuban vice consul in Los Angeles, who "resigned and moved to Mexico". (In fact, he defected - why does the author, Ann Goodpasture, omit this salient fact?) Goodpasture gives the number as 201-287689 - is this an accident, or a deliberate attempt to deceive? He was in touch with LITAMIL-1 and recruited by the Mexico City station. The operation folded after the loss of two suitcases - undoubtedly the "Samuel Orisson incident" where an officer lost these items that blew the cover of many officers and agents.

104-10512-10043: Cable: Mexi sympathizes WAVE efforts Para 3 Ref A Build AMBUD into Effective Organization.

10/4/62 memo from Mexico City to WAVE: GYROSE Debriefing Unit being formed in Mexico City for Cuban exiles. Leader is AMSUPER-1, other members are LIMASK-1, LITAINT-7 (all of AMBUD) and LITAINT-5 (with PUC, the Pro Unidad Cubana, which contained some AMBUD dissidents).

104-10121-10148: DAVID S. MORALES: LIVE ADDRESS.

Memo from Paul T. Auden to SAC, Los Angeles, 10/18/60: David Morales established cover in Los Angeles in 1958 for two years as a marketing consultant, “traveling extensively” during this time and working at the American embassy in Cuba.

104-10167-10334: Developments in Democratic Revolutionary Front

10/15/60 memo from REDACTED to Director: Even though Aurelio Sanchez Arango of AAA says he has left the FRD, Julian Arias represents Sanchez as one of the FRD reps. See 1994.04.12.15:53:34:690005, p. 168: On 10/10/60, Arias, Tony Varona (AMHAWK) and Rolando Rojas answer questions from newspapermen on behalf of FRD-Mexico.


09/18/61, Memo from Chief, WH/4 to CI/OA: "The individuals listed below are no longer of interest to this Branch and it is, therefore, requested that their Operational Clearances be cancelled:....C-Number: C-87034, NAME: LITAINT-5, 201-Number: 201-287689..."

104-10298-10266: AMTOAD-1's Exploitation of AMSTRUT-1 for Propaganda Purposes

8/29/62 memo from Ronald? in Rio to Director, handwritten note identifies Julian Arias, as AMTOAD-1. the posts below shows him with the number 201-287688 - but the first "8" looks like it has been written over another number, possibly "9", that would make it 201-267698. Document also refers to AMTOAD-1's "cover". See 104-10220-10292: 201-267698 is identified here as Angel Aparicio Laurencio - he is identified as AMTOAD-1 in WAVE documents. See 1994.06.24.14:30:04:280005, pp. 81-82 and 104-10236-10271. A reasonable conclusion is that Angel Aparicio Laurencio was the alias of Arias. "Since arrival (in) Rio as AMBUD representative, AMTOAD-1 has been in contact with (AMSTRUT-1) using her on welfare cases and to support his demarches at foreign office. This in line with cover of both and harmed security (of) neither, even after (AMSTRUT-1) made early June trip to Miami and returned." Using AMSTRUT-1 for publicity re arrival of Soviet troops and "bombarding Havana suburb".

Bill Simpich

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