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Cryptonym: LITAINT-5

Julian Arias Prado, a member of Task Force W's Debriefing Unit in Mexico City in 1962; active with LITAINT since 1960 after resigning as Cuban vice consul in Los Angeles and moving into Mexico. Also known as AMTOAD-1.

104-10168-10368: Problem of Roberto de Varona Becoming Acute as Indicated Following Para

10/8/60, Mexico City to Director: Orrison reports that Roberto Varona has opened his own AMHAWK office in Mexico City. LITAINT-5 reports no one can get along with him including his brother Tony. Shyrock (Tom Hazlett) and Gestetner (Monell) learn that Roberto wants his own training base. Mexico City suggests that Gobernacion could arrest or deport Roberto and asks for input.

104-10414-10124: Mexico City Station History

Cuban vice consul in Los Angeles, resigned and moved to Mexico. 201-287689. He was in touch with LITAMIL-1 and recruited by the Mexico City station.

104-10512-10043: Cable: Mexi sympathizes WAVE efforts Para 3 Ref A Build AMBUD into Effective Organization.

10/4/62 memo from Mexico City to WAVE: GYROSE Debriefing Unit being formed in Mexico City for Cuban exiles. Leader is AMSUPER-1, other members are LIMASK-1, LITAINT-7 (all of AMBUD) and LITAINT-5 (with PUC, the Pro Unidad Cubana, which contained some AMBUD dissidents).


AMTOAD-1 is identified in marginalia as Julian Arias Prado, 201-287689. Arias is working in Rio de Janiero with the Rio AMBARBs using AMSTRUT-1 in their propaganda activities. The text suggests this may have been the way that AMSTRUT-2 (Juanita Castro) was ultimately recruited.

Bill Simpich

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