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Cryptonym: LITAINT

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Harassment efforts directed at the Cuban compound in Mexico City in the 1960s.

104-10052-10056: OPERATIONAL MONTHLY REPORT -- 1-30 SEPTEMBER 1963.

10/18/63 "The Consulate had closed this door to the public because of LITAINT team efforts using stench devices against that Embassy in 1961...(LIFEUD-22) has to stand in another room to view the newly reopened Consulate...As of 23 September...Lawrence F. Barker (Robert Shaw) requested that additional photographic coverage be added to the LIERODE (Cuban) base house to cover the Consulate door."

Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA, pg 121

See above.

104-10527-10206: CABLE: PARA THREE HMMA 22234 STATED

Nov. 27 dispatch using PBRUMEN (Cuba) and LITAINT in slugline: "LITAINTS 8, 11 and 12 will be used on ad hoc basis in harassment field and will be paid for each assignment."


"In April 1960 (CIA officer Tom) Hazlett recruited LITAINT-2 (a close friend of LITAINT-1) and developed, from information supplied by him, a network of 14 access agents who performed various tasks."

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