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Cryptonym: LIRULE-1

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Unknown identity. Used by the CIA as a penetration agent of the Mexican Communist Party (PCM).
LIRULE-1 was a Mexican citizen. He was born on 10 February 1909, in Torreon, Coahuila. LIRULE-1 was given a polygraph test (LCFLUTTER) on October 17, 1963 at his birthplace. The CIA's Western Hemisphere Division requested the polygraph test. It took place just weeks after Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged visit to Mexico City.


10/15/63, Dispatch from Chief of Base, Monterrey to COS, Mexico City: "LIVACATE/1, LIVAGUE/1, LIRULE/1, and LITANG were unable to identify any of the persons in the attached photographs."


10/24/63, Dispatch from Chief of Base, Monterrey to Chief, WH Division (Info: COS, Mexico City): "FYI. Reference: HMYA-1969, 9 October 1963. SOURCE: LIRULE/1, 16 October 1963. 1. Attached as of interest to Headquarters and for possible later operational use by Station Mexico and/or Base Monterrey are two blank membership cards of the National Liberation Movement. These cards are unsigned and unnumbered, but reference should assist in indicating the way the cards should be filled in and show the signatures of Alonso Aguilar M. and Cusuhtemoc Cardenas. Headquarters may retain these cards. 2. Attached for Headquarters are two blank application forms for membership in the National Liberation Movement. These forms may be of operational use to Station Mexico and Base Monterrey at a later date. Headquarters may retain these forms. 3. Forwarded U/S/C is a CCI membership card belonging to LIRULE/1. Duplicates of this card may also be of operational interest to Station Mexico and Base Monterrey at a later date. It is requested that Headquarters return this card as soon as possible. 4. Forwarded U/S/C is LIRULE/1's card as a delegate to the First National Congress of the MLN. This card is of interest because of the signatures of Cusuhtemoc Cardenas and Heberto Castillo. Headquarters may retain this card."

104-10102-10316: MEMORANDUM: LIRULE/1

11/08/63, Memorandum from Interrogation Research Division to WH/3/MEX: "BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Subject of this report is a married, male citizen of Mexican citizenship, who was born 10 February 1909 in Torreon, Coahila, Mexico. He is currently being utilized by CIA as a penetration of the Mexican Communist Party (PCM). Subject has not been previously LCFLUTTERed. PURPOSE OF THE INTERROGATION: The request to LCFLUTTER Subject was initiated by the WH Division and coordinated in the Field by Luke B. Marschalek, Subject's case officer. LCFLUTTER was conducted to determine if Subject has disclosed his CIA relationship to unauthorized persons, if he has or is now working for and/or reporting to any other intelligence organization, and if he has withheld any of his PCM history from us. LCFLUTTER was conducted in Spanish on 17 October 1963 at a safesite in Torreon, Mexico. RESULTS: Subject's response to LCFLUTTER was prompt and apparently cooperative. During pre-test discussion no information was developed which is not already contained in current operational files or which is not known to Subject's case officer. Results of LCFLUTTER examination indicate that Subject has not disclosed his relationship with CIA to any unauthorized persons, that he has never worked for another intelligence service, and that he is not falsifying any of the operational information which he is reporting to his case officer. In reference to his PCM background, there was an indication that Subject has not been completely truthful in discussing the full extent of his PCM activities. It is the undersigned's opinion that this area of deception concerns a period of time prior to 1955." (CONTINUED BELOW)

104-10102-10316: MEMORANDUM: LIRULE/1

11/08/63, Memorandum from Interrogation Research Division to WH/3/MEX: " DETAILS: Rather than engage Subject in an extended interrogation at this time in order to resolve his pre-1955 PCM activities, it is recommended that the Base first conduct all possible field and Headquarters checks on Subject's activities prior to 1955. After that, it is recommended that Subject's case officer attempt to resolve the above area of deception through direct contact with the agent. If after this has been accomplished, there is still no evidence that Subject has attempted to clarify his past PCM activities, then, it is recommended that Subject be LCFLUTTERed a second time. During a second LCFLUTTER, specific attention should be given to the above noted area of deception."


11/08/63, Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to Chief of Base, Monterrey: "Ref: HMYA-1944, 23 September 1963. 1. A review of Headquarters files uncovered two documents which appear to confirm the PCM membership of LIRULE/1. A. In DRV-41357, 15 January 1960, Subject was listed as a leader of the Dinamite cell of the PCM. B. In DRV-82885, 30 June 1961 two references were made to Subject: 1. T-1 advised on 22 March 1961 that Subject was a member of the PCM and an alternate member of the PCM State Committee for Coahuila. 2. T-3 advised on 29 May 1961 that Subject is an active member of the PCM. 2. There are no other known documents in Headquarters files which contain Subject's PCM membership or his membership on PCM committees."


11/20/63, Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to Chief of Base, Monterrey (Info: COS, Mexico City): "Attached are the results of the LCFLUTTER of LIRULE-1 which was conducted on 17 October 1963."

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