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Cryptonym: LIRING-3

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Carlos Jurado-Delmar, also known as Carlos Jurado J. Delmar and Carlos Delmar Jurado. Shortly after Garrison's JFK investigation became public in early 1967, Jurado allegedly began having sexual relations with Silvia Duran, and she allegedly told him that she had sexual relations with Lee Harvey Oswald.
At 104-10176-10222, p. 17, a LIRING-3 file, "PERYERA" is identified as 201-798301. This is LIRING-3's 201 file number - see 104-10067-10393 LIRING-3 identified as Carlos Delmar Jurado, 201-798301 Did Jurado use the pseudonym of "Raul Pereyra" who worked at the Cuban embassy in 1963-64 and was friends with Silvia Duran? See 104-10067-10393. Possible lead for Rowton is "Rowdon" looking for a safecracker among Harvey's second story men: 104-10431-10050 at p. 33. Again in the Congo, where "Rowton" would be a possible cut-out in a group working towards a peace settlement: 157-10014-10089; at http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1455&search=%22UNDER_AFRO-ARAB%22#relPageId=84&tab=page HQ unconvinced that LIRING-3 believes Rowton's cover story, that LIRING-3 is in contact with the Guat FAR, or that the opposition is not playing CIA for a sucker: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147692&search=%22liring-2%22#relPageId=196&tab=page William Broe's memo to Mexico City of 7/5/67 stating his concern about the Duran/Oswald story was on the same day that Scott revealed the Oscar Contreras meeting with Oswald to FBI legat Nathan Ferris: 104-10014-10018, http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=109811#relPageId=2&tab=page Here's info as late as August 1967 re Jurado's continuing amorous affair with Duran (pages 2 and 29 of 250) Page 2 also has him admitting a lie he has told: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10176-10005.pdf June 1967 meeting with the well-known revolutionary Roque Dalton Garcia of El Salvador, 104-10176-10002, p. 182 LITAINT-2 provided CIA with original lead on LIRING-3 - see 104-10266-10138, p. 396

104-10266-10138: FOLDER ON LIRING-3.

5/27/66: "Contact, assessment and use in an unwitting capacity...should development results warrant, consideration will be given to seeking operational approval for his use in a witting capacity against the same targets, especially through his wife, LIRING-4, an employee of Cuban consulate in Mexico City." 10/24/66 (p. 127): "...(As LIRING-3 has made anti-US statements)...The time has come to review the LIRING-3 op...(LIRING-3 has been taped having) amorous sessions with a young art student. What appears to be lacking in considering the case as the handling of a double agent, possibly hostile, is 'homework' (more taps, mail intercepts, and physical surveillance)..".L-4 is L-3's wife and works as a secretary to LIRING-1 in the Cuban embassy. LIRING-4's father is Chinese and lives in the United States....(At page 8): "Station traces show Jurado as member Partido Popular Socialista, Mexico, in July 61, and member Preparatory Committee for Third Latin American Congress, Artists and Writers, Havana, Jan. 62." Marginalia states: "Controlled by Soviets." (At p. 81:) 11/25/66 cable from Mexico City to HQ: "...one advantage of this false flag recruitment of this individual...he is able to enter the target area without fear of capture and exposure as an enemy agent...he believes his work actually is aiding the revolution which he believes in from an idealistic standpoint." 12/14/66 (p. 33): LIRING-3 included in the LIRAVINE renewal plan. (p. 4) Dec. 1966 describes LIRING-3 simply as "HOSTILE", and "case cancelled". (page 315): 3/30/67 cable from Mexico City to HQ: "Request HQS reinstate POAS LICAGE-1 and LICAGE-2. Exploring possibility recontact for use as basehouse keepers/transcribers for (listening post) serving tech installation against LIRING-3." April 1967 note says"audio op to be set? AGAINST subject."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

3/20/67 cable from Chief, WH to Mexico City: "The LIRING-3 operation...(has) promise of possibly producing important information on Cuban/Soviet subversion-support mechanisms operating in and through Mexico...(there is) apparently rapid progress LIRING-3 is making in creating a channel for the movement of arms and supplies from the United States to Guatemala...we do not wish to find ourselves in the position of having aided the guerrillas to receive even a small amount of weapons or supplies...the special difficulties inherent in a false-flag recruitment are appreciated by Headquarters..."; (at p. 188), April 67 chronology: "Carlos Jurado Delmar, a Mexican artist and existentialist, is an unwitting informant who has Mexican far leftist political convictions. He has been assessed by his handler as unfriendly to the US, and not a candidate for recruitment...Rowton pretends to be a Greek businessman interested in developing lucrative, semi-legal business with Cuba. Jurado may have the impression that (Wallace) Rowton is somehow connected with Soviet intelligence - a notion Rowton has not attempted to correct..."

104-10068-10113: THE LIRING-3 OPERATION

5/10/67: Report from Wallace Rowton re LIRING-1. This report includes two earlier ones. The April 28 report states that Rowton found confirmation of LIRING-3 and LIRING-4's meeting with Ramiro Abreu (who is attracted to LIRING-4). The 5/8/67 report indicates that Rowton is about to flutter (polygraph) LIRING-3, who hopes to dispell Rowton's doubts about his "bona fides". The May 10 report shows that LIRING-3 and LIRING-4 are husband and wife and live together, while maintaining the apartment housing LIFEAT for "business purposes".

104-10176-10002: FOLDER ON LIRING-3

5/25/67, analysis of LIFEAT traffic: "Horacio and Silvia Duran...are friends or at least acquaintances of LIRING-3. In reply to Silvia Duran's query, LIRING-3 states that he got her telephone number at the 'Cuban Institute'." (p.5), 7/27/67: "(LIRING-3) receives a salary from Rowton in return for information on Cuban and leftist subversive activities. Rowton, at the beginning of the operation, told LIRING-3 that he needed this information for economic activities...LIRING-3 has several times told Rowton, however, that he does not know what the latter's real motives are and is past caring what they may be."


5/26/67 report of meeting between Wallace B. Rowton and LIRING-3: Silvia had been recommended to work at the consulate by Teresa Proenza, who was the press attache from 1959 to 1962. Proenza was currently imprisoned for a conviction of espionage on behalf of the (CIA). (LIRING-3 said) the other day Silvia Duran called to say hello and renew her acquaintance. LIFEAT SAN-26 reveals that at about 12:45 pm on 22 May 1967, L-3 called (her number) and asked for Senora Silvia. When maid informed him she not in, he asked for Senor Horacio with no luck, and left a message. Duran called back asking how he got her number; he told her "Cuban Institute". He came by to visit a few minutes later. She told him "she had first met Oswald when he applied for a visa and had gone out with him several times since she had liked him from the start. She admitted that she had sexual relations with him but insisted that she had no idea of his plans." Right after 11/22, "interviewed thoroughly and beaten until she admitted that she had an affair with Oswald." 5/26/67 Cable from Mexico City to Director: Carlos Delmar keeps drawing closer to Wallace Rowton. Keeps close tabs on Mexican, Cuban and other Central American leftists. Delmar is a commercial artist and is having financial difficulties. News that Duran and Oswald had sexual relations is new,but "adds little to the Oswald case" wrote station chief Win Scott.(See 104-10404-10315 re the redactions) Rowton encouraged L-3 to stay away from Duran.


6/13/67: Rowton memo on his review of LIFEAT traffic from 5/23/67-6/8/67 and heard no difference between what he heard and what L-3 had reported to him..."With regard to LIRING-3's personal life, SAN-28 (LIFEAT recording) reveals that he has developed a closer personal contact with senora Silvia Duran (ex-receptionist of the Cuban embassy and friend of Lee Harvey Oswald) than he has revealed to Rowton. In this conversation with Silvia, L-3 comments that he does not want to meet her husband, Horacio, and would prefer to see her outside. They make a date for 1830 the next day at the tea shop Flaminia on Paseo Reforma."


7/5/67 letter from Thomas Lund (C/WH William Broe) to Willard Curtis (COS Mexico City Win Scott), stating his desire to follow up on the report of the alleged relationship between Duran and Oswald. Notes that appear to be Anne Goodpasture's state that a longer investigation may be needed "beginning with as much as we know re time of day & where OSWALD was from LIENVOY". Also see 7/3/67, 104-10176-10000: From LIFEAT: "SAN-34 (19 June) reveals that LIRING-3 is continuing his meetings with Sra. Silvia Duran, (Rowton had shown no interest in this contact and it appears that L-3 is developing a romantic attachment with Sra. Duran.)" In fact, Goodpasture conducted one for the next two years and generated a 133-page report.


The 133-page chronology compiled by Goodpasture during 1967-1969: Goodpasture writes, "Check validity of LIRING-3; Oswald and Silvia had an affair; Why Didn't Mexi Police Give Us All Info?"

104-10067-10393: HSCA FILM

Re 1968: LIRING-3 identified as Carlos Delmar Jurado, 201-798301. Also see 180-10144-10236: "Carlos Jurado J. Delmar was born in Cuba on November 3, 1927. He entered Mexico July 1, 1965 and taught Graphics and Art at U.N.A.M. until January 1, 1968 when he disappeared. The Mexican officials assume that he returned to Cuba." https://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=32697&relPageId=19 But see 104-10176-10222, p. 107, dated 1/15/69: "On 29 October Rowton met LIRING-3 after his release from jail. The results of the initial debriefing were cabled in Mexico City-7900...LIRING-3 has been meeting relatively frequently with LIRING-9, who has been debriefing him on his incarceration in Guatemala (See Mexico City-8159 and -8228). See 104-10266-10138, p. 264: LIRING-3 is identified as a "station penetration of Guatemalan guerrilla group in Mexico City".

104-10176-10006: LIRING-3

The famed poet Roque Dalton (201-215097) saw LIRING-3 as a hero for the time in jail that LIRING-3 did in Guatemala during 1968 - and wrote about him - see pages 79-80 of this document. This essay still needs to be translated. The debriefing of LIRING-3 conducted by Rowton can be read, starting at p. 106. A good summary is at p. 177.

104-10176-10006: LIRING-3

7/1/69 - LIRING-3 was dismissed from LIRAVINE after serving as an "access agent to Cuban embassy; informant on Central American revolutionary groups and activities..." At this point, LIRING-3 had broken off contact with the Mexico City station.

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