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Cryptonym: LIRING-3

Carlos Jurado-Delmar, also known as Carlos Jurado J. Delmar and Carlos Delmar Jurado. Claimed tha Silvia Duran told him that she had sexual relations with Lee Harvey Oswald.
Possible lead for Rowton is "Rowdon" looking for a safecracker among Harvey's second story men: 104-10431-10050; at http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=7507&search=ROWDON#relPageId=33&tab=page Again in the Congo, where "Rowton" would be a possible cut-out in a group working towards a peace settlement: 157-10014-10089; at http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1455&search=%22UNDER_AFRO-ARAB%22#relPageId=84&tab=page This document refers to him as Carlos Jurado Delmar and his wife (LIRING-4) as Miriam Chichay de Jurado: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=13109&search=%22jurado-delmar%22#relPageId=2&tab=page William Broe's memo to Mexico City of 7/5/67 stating his concern about the Duran/Oswald story was on the same day that Scott revealed the Oscar Contreras meeting with Oswald to FBI legat Nathan Ferris: 104-10014-10018, http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=109811#relPageId=2&tab=page

104-10068-10113: THE LIRING-3 OPERATION

5/10/67: Report from Wallace Rowton re LIRING-1. This report includes two earlier ones. The April 28 report states that Rowton found confirmation of LIRING-3 and LIRING-4's meeting with Ramiro Abreu (who is attracted to LIRING-4). The 5/8/67 report indicates that Rowton is about to flutter (polygraph) LIRING-3, who hopes to dispell Rowton's doubts about his "bona fides". The May 10 report shows that LIRING-3 and LIRING-4 are husband and wife and live together, while maintaining the apartment housing LIFEAT for "business purposes".


5/26/67 Cable from Mexico City to Director: Carlos Delmar keeps drawing closer to Wallace Rowton. Keeps close tabs on Mexican, Cuban and other Central American leftists. Delmar is a commercial artist and is having financial difficulties. News that Duran and Oswald had sexual relations is new,but "adds little to the Oswald case" wrote station chief Win Scott.

Deep Politics II p. 124,129

Silvia Duran's interview with a CIA Mexico City asset, LIRING-3. She told LIRING-3 that in her DFS interrogation she had been "interviewed thoroughly and beaten until she admitted that she had an affair with Oswald."

Our Man in Mexico p.242.

In 1967, Win Scott learned that LIRING-3 had been close to Silvia Duran and her husband over the years.


5/26/67 report of meeting between Wallace B. Rowton and LIRING-3: Silvia had been recommended to work at the consulate by Teresa Proenza, who was the press attache from 1959 to 1962. Proenza was currently imprisoned for a conviction of espionage on behalf of the (CIA). LIRING-3 met with Duran, she told him "she had first met Oswald when he applied for a visa and had gone out with him several times since she had liked him from the start. She admitted that she had sexual relations with him but insisted that she had no idea of his plans."


7/5/67 letter from Thomas Lund (C/WH William Broe) to Willard Curtis (COS Mexico City Win Scott), stating his desire to follow up on the report of the alleged relationship between Duran and Oswald. Notes that appear to be Anne Goodpasture's state that a longer investigation may be needed "beginning with as much as we know re time of day & where OSWALD was from LIENVOY". In fact, Goodpasture conducted one for the next two years and generated a 133-page report.

104-10431-10003: HSCA FILM

LIRING-3 identified as Carlos Delmar Jurado, 201-798301.


"Carlos Jurado J. Delmar was born in Cuba on November 3, 1927. He entered Mexico July 1, 1965 and taught Graphics and Art at U.N.A.M. until January 1, 1968 when he disappeared. The Mexican officials assume that he returned to Cuba."


7/3/67: From LIFEAT: "SAN-34 (19 June) reveals that LIRING-3 is continuing his meetings with Sra. Silvia Duran, (Rowton had shown no interest in this contact and it appears that L-3 is developing a romantic attachment with Sra. Duran.)" Also see 6/13/67, 104-10176-10219, http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=35755#relPageId=2&tab=page


The 133-page chronology compiled by Goodpasture during 1967-1969: Goodpasture writes, "Check validity of LIRING-3; Oswald and Silvia had an affair; Why Didn't Mexi Police Give Us All Info?"

104-10067-10260: MR. RICHARD WELCH

6/19/67 IMMEDIATE MEXICO CITY cable from C/WH/7 Paul V. Harwood: "Mr. Richard Welch, REDACTED, traveling on tourist card but carrying diplomatic passport, will arrive Mexico City 19 June...Mr. Welch hand carrying special material for Curtis (Mexico City chief of station Win Scott). Also wishes discuss with station and Rowton proposal for ops use of latter in REDACTED..." Also see 104-10014-10025, which identifies Rowton as "Pers" (Personnel). C/WH/7 Harwood is also seen in this 9/67 memo on DGI modus operandi: 104-10186-10007, http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=17875&relPageId=2&search=%22c/wh/7%22

12/19/01, Chris Mooney, "Back to Church", American Prospect: http://prospect.org/article/back-church

"Following September 11, for example, the American Spectator editor R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., wrote that Church's hearings 'betrayed CIA agents and operations.' This intimation has its roots in Christmas Day, 1975, when Richard Skeffington Welch, the CIA station chief in Greece, was assassinated. Welch's death was instantly used against the Church committee for political gain. Many CIA agents killed in the line of duty are memorialized only by anonymous stars in the lobby of the agency's headquarters in Langley, Virginia--but NBC's Today Show covered the airlifting of Welch's body back to the United States, and President Ford attended his funeral with various luminaries. The chief counsel of the Church committee remarked that intelligence defenders 'danced on the grave of Richard Welch in the most cynical way.'...The truth is that Church stuck to his promise to Colby that there would be 'no dismantling and no exposing of agents to danger. No sources will be compromised.' The committee made sure that it received no names of active agents, so that none could be revealed. Colby's successor as CIA director, George H.W. Bush, fully admitted that Welch's death had nothing to do with the investigation. In fact, Welch had been warned not to live in the Athens home that his CIA predecessors had occupied, because it was 'notorious.' And the Greek media had identified him as a CIA officer. Yet when Church ran for re-election in 1980, Republican Senator Jim McClure of Idaho publicly blamed him for Welch's death. Church lost by just over 4,000 votes.

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