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Cryptonym: LIREBEL-2

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Source of information on Guatemalan Communists in Mexico City in the mid-to-late 60s

104-10221-10004: GALAN, VICTOR RICO, 201-336474

1966: Olivia Ragnity was the reports officer for the LIREBEL project. Win Scott reported in this memo as the source for crypt LIREBEL-1.

104-10176-10005: LIRING-3

8/1/67, cable Mexico City 2323, "Photo Luis Castillo Palda provided (Wallace) Rowton during recent visit REDACTED shown with dark glasses and longer hair to LIRING-3. LIRING-3 stated photo very probably Garcia of FAR. (Note: This may have been Roque Dalton Garcia?) LIRING identikit composite of Garcia previously identified by LIREBEL-2 as very probably Castillo. Moises Orozco Leal warned LIRING-3 stay away from Jose Linares who described as LNPURE/US Embassy agent and ex chief police working at Guat City airport. Request traces. Station files contain references dated 57 and 58 to chief of secret police by same name."

104-10176-10005: LIRING-3

8/1/67, cable Mexico City 2331, "With Rowton info that Moises Orozco may not have been telling truth about Orozco's alleged contacts with FAR guerrillas (info based on LIREBEL-1 and LIREBEL-2's reports per Mexico City 2322) LIRING-3 successfully confronted and 'broke' Orozco at his apartment night 31 July in presence Sergio Valdez and Raul Moreno. After LIRING-3 kept an eye on Orozco most of the night, the Station decided to have Orozco arrested without informing LIRING-3.

104-10176-10004: LIRING-3

8/24/67, Headquarters cable to Mexico City: The Mexico City station had previously sent a memo to HQ stating that information had been given to LIREBEL-2 by Ernesto Capcano de Vecchio, Guatemalan exile in Mexico, re concerns about LIRING-3. Station was waiting until results of meeting of Guat Commie exiles concerning LIRING-3 before considering the possibility of carefully feeding LIREBEL-2 in a design to protect LIRING-3. HQ's response was to "prefer simply have LIREBEL-2 reporting all info to LIRING-3 rather than try feeding info designed to protect LIRING-3. This discussed with (Wallace) Rowton who in agreement."


10/23/68 Mexico City cable to Director, slugline REDCOAT MHIGLOO: Station interested in exile involvement in PGT funding channel, provided, of course, if adequate protection can be given to LIREBEL-2.

104-10218-10032: KOSTIKOV, VALERIY VLADIMIROVICH, 201-305052

8/2/69, Mexico City cable: LIREBEL-2 reported that "Valerian" leaving for Moscow - on the same date that Valeriy Kostikov was leaving Mexico City for Moscow - led the writer to believe that "Valerian" and Valeriy Kostikov were one and the same.

104-10218-10032: KOSTIKOV, VALERIY VLADIMIROVICH, 201-305052

10/1/69, Mexico City cable: "LIREBEL-2 reported 30 Sept he contacted by Jorge Antonio (Cruz) Rojas and Carlos Enrique (Rodriguez) Ecalente 28 Sept. Cruz and Rodriguez told LIREBEL-2 they had just arrived from Guatemala and had been instructed by PGT contact LIREBEL-2 upon arrival here."

Bill Simpich

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