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Cryptonym: LIRANCH

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An OOA (operations approval?) project formed in 1964.

104-10218-10047: (ASSET) (LIHUFF) OPERATIONS.

1/5/64 memo: "Upon receipt answers following questions Headquarters (we) are ready (to) submit OOA project which being redrafted here and assigned crypt LIRANCH. Presume expenses listed against Calvillo (probably LICHANT-1) and LITAINT-2 (something like Diaz Ramirez)."

104-10185-10159: LICOOKY/50-6-129/1/DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS

06/21/66: Memorandum from W. J. Kaufman, C/WH/1 to Chief, WH Division. Subject: Request for Termination of Project LICOOKY:

104-10266-10138: FOLDER ON LIRING-3.

4/11/67 memo from WH/1 to Mexico City: "LIRANCH seriously overobligated because of LISAMPAN (a multiaudio project on the Cuban embassy and ambassador in Mexico), UMPHLET (Noris Umphlet, penetration into the Greek Communist Party) and LIRING-3 (Carlos Jurado-Delmar) charges, please reobligate to LIRAVINE where appropriate and do same with LISAMPAN where written and approved."

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