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Cryptonym: LIONIZER

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LIONIZER was a cryptonym for the Committee for the Liberation of Guatemala, and was a Guatemalan refugee group in Mexico. A memo in April of 1954 mentioned the Committee and had LIONIZER in brackets.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: Abbreviations and Cryptonyms

Page xvi: ..."LIONIZER, Guatemalan refugee group in Mexico..."


10/02/53: Dispatch from Boyd I. Rolender, Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere: Subject: KUGOWN Operations: (REDACTION) Report on Guatemala: ..."f) $100 U.S. monthly payment to Identity Q through LIONIZER (if not already employed by Station Guatemala); g) $100 U.S. monthly payment to Identity B through LIONIZER; h) Double the printing of the LIONIZER bulletin...I spent one day and night in Guatemala for the purpose of talking to LIONIZER contacts there before contacting our man in Belize...He stated his complete desire to cooperate with us, not only because of his friendship for LIBETHENITE-4 but also because of his own sworn enmity against the present LIONIZER government of Guatemala. He has been cooperating with LIONIZER since (REDACTION) contacted him in Belize on his trip. He has written one article which we printed and he receives 25 copies of each issue of the Bulletin which he mails into Guatemala..." (Page 10): ..."3. My Communication Set-Up with Guatemala: One of the main reasons that LIONIZER and myself have not been able to function more efficiently in connection with our various problems inside Guatemala has been lack of communications. LIONIZER has always had to wait for some secure person who was going back or forth to carry messages by hand. Our timing has had to suffer very badly..."


12/03/53: Memorandum from Withheld to WH Deputy PBSUCCESS: Subject: Individual PP Asset Assessment: LIONIZER: "1. Background: In November 1951 the (REDACTION) initiated support of a small group of militant Guatemalan exiles. This group, later developed into LIONIZER, shared office space (REDACTION) with (REDACTION) until the summer of 1952 at which time, as a result of personality frictions, separate officers were established. LIONIZER has been most active in PW, publishing and distributing a periodic bulletin, anti-Communist and anti-government comic books and variegated posters and handbills. Membership has remained small...The principal Guatemalan agent is LIBETHENITE-4...As an exiled business man he has shown limited capability. He associates himself primarily with other exiled Guatemalans and sympathetic foreigners...The bulletin (see copy attached) is now being distributed biweekly by direct mail to approximately 400 newspapers and 1000 selected individuals throughout Latin America...The target audience is variegated with primary emphasis laid on arousing public opinion within Guatemala among all classes and among the literate classes in other Latin American countries...LIONIZER is ostensibly supported by voluntary contribution from Guatemalans, other Latin Americans, Europeans and Americans of anti-Communist orientation...LIONIZER is an established and recognized voice for the anti-Communist Guatemalan opposition and as such has basic utility..."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 80. 1/6/54-Memorandum for the Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division, Central Intelligence Agency (King)

01/06/54: Memorandum to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: PBSUCCESS: "1. At the time (REDACTION) was introduced into the PBSUCCESS Operation, WH/PW and (REDACTION) had prepared a basic general paper on the PW aspects of the anticipated RUFUS (Carlos Castillo Armas) campaign. In addition, (REDACTION) had prepared a general outline paper on his views as to what he would do after PBSUCCESS became a success. Moreover, more than two million items of propaganda were shipped to RUFUS. Tape recorders and three mimeograph machines were on their way to RUFUS, three other reproduction machines (Gestetners) were up for immediate procurement, CEUAGE was in operation, CEUA (in Guatemala) was putting out over 100,000 pieces of propaganda every two weeks and organizing a newspaper. FAGE was being organized in San Salvador and plans were being made to put (REDACTION) in contact with LIONIZER group in Mexico. Furthermore, financial commitments, approved by the DCI had been made to (REDACTION). WH/PW had already outlined to all WH Field Stations the general aims re Guatemala, sent them support materials, outlined future possible support and provided them with more than 20 initial themes..."


02/12/54: Memorandum from Withheld, C/PP to Withheld (Via DC/P): Subject: Results of (REDACTION) Trip to Mexico: ..."Another reason for the deletion was the fact that the letter mentioned (REDACTION) in view of the enmity existing between (REDACTION) and the LIONIZER group it was felt better that (REDACTION) should make the initial approach to LIONIZER before mentioning anything about his interest in the Conference to (REDACTION)...4. There is a certain amount of rivalry in Mexico City between LIONIZER and RNSHIELD. There is outright enmity between (REDACTION) and the LIONIZER group; since (REDACTION) is friendly with (REDACTION) it is quite possible that this may be a source of difficulty between (REDACTION) and LIONIZER, or between (REDACTION) and RNSHIELD. It is therefore suggested that when (REDACTION) goes to Mexico City he will not call on (REDACTION) but rather he first call on LIONIZER, and make his peace with that group and then follow through by calling on RNSHIELD. 5. Horacio Cordova, the exiled Guatemalan radio announcer and writer, is now in Tapachula...They are as follows...LIONIZER is BODEGA..."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 133. 4/24/54-Memorandum From the Deputy Director for Plans of the Central Intelligence Agency (Wisner) to Director of Central Intelligence Dulles

04/24/54: Memorandum from the Deputy Director for Plans to Director: Subject: Position Papers on PBSUCCESS: Page 5: ..."Psychological: In addition to independent media, the following controlled external PW assets are available: Publications and Radio...Bulletin for the Liberation of Guatemala. Newspaper, anti-Junta but also anti-Communist. Published in Mexico (a few reach Guatemala) by Comm. for the Liberation of Guatemala (LIONIZER)."

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