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Cryptonym: LIONHEART

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Unknown individual in Mexico who identified members of the Mexican Communist Party (PCM) from photographs.


()SNAB-1 was questioned closely for biographic and other information on a number of top PCM leaders but could provide little in addition to that provided earlier. In fact, the Station is now of the opinion that Subject is personally acquainted with only a few of the PCM's top leaders, namely (Arnoldo) Martinez (Verdugo), Manuel TERREZAS Guerrero, Marta BORGUSZ, Maria Esther CHAPA, and possibly three or four others...of persons leaving and entering PCM headquarters...only three or four are top PCM leaders. Among these (12) pictures, many of which the Station has already identified through LIONHEART and other sources, are Lino MEDINA Salazar, Antonio MORIN Rodriguez, Fernando CORTEZ Crandadra and other Central Committee members...Of several of the 12 identifications made by ()SNAB-1, LIONHEART disagreed and the Station is inclined to believe LIONHEART since he lives here and should know many of those concerned better than ()SNAB-1)...


"In the early years the station acquired some surveillance assets for sporadic use on the CP and leftist groups...it soon became apparent that the Mexican government could not be relied upon to provide detailed coverage of such a large number of Soviet Bloc officials who had complete freedom of movement all over Mexico and clandestinely into the United States. The Mexican security agents had neither the training nor the motivation for this sort of effort. Accordingly, the station embarked on a program to develop unilateral support operations. This was not to the detriment of the other targets who, according to SOI 23, took priority over the Soviets. LIFTER, LIBENTHITE and LIONHEART (turned over by the FBI) were covering Communist and leftist activities." Also see page 43 of 239: The reference to "98" and LIFTER-8 appears to be to endnote 98 which discusses LIONHEART and 201-102716. (See page 231 of 239)

104-10062-10227: DOCUMENT LISTINGS

10/29/64: HMS-3789 refers to LIONHEART and 201-0102716, a different iteration of 201-102716 mentioned in the previous post.

Bill Simpich

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