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Cryptonym: LINOZZLE

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This person was a Pentagon contact of the CIA with access to reports on Cuban agent reliability.

104-10110-10195: Cable RE Efforts Concerning LCFLUTTER.

A message from Mexico City Station to the CIA Director’s Office suggests that LINOZZLE be contacted for assessment. They feared using an LCFLUTTER (polygraph) check for agent reliability would result in the loss of agent L-9 (LITAMIL-9, Luis Alberu Souto). This concerned CIA officials because of the retirement of LITAMIL-7 (Consuelo Esperon Perez) and this left Souto as their only active penetration agent.

104-10093-10196: Cable: Suggest HQS Contact LINOZZLE at Pentagon for Assessment

A message from Mexico City Station further advised that Agency headquarters contact "LINOZZLE at Pentagon for assessment availability" to determine the operational reliability of Luis Alberu Souto the Cuban Cultural Attaché in Mexico City (LITAMIL-9). Alberu Souto was reportedly the only penetration agent in the Cuban Embassy providing information during that period and was “showing increasing signs of strain of double existence”.

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