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Cryptonym: LINLUCK

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Carlos Manuel Pellecer, a leading Communist in Guatemala in the 1950s - left the party in the 60s, became partners with June Cobb and wrote a book attacking Communism. His information was used by the CIA to launch the AMROD operation against Cuba in 1963.
See 104-10332-10014: Agee describes Pellecer's book during the 1970s as at least the second time the CIA has funded his book. This one is a continuation of the operations run against Joaquin Ordoqui and Marcos Rodriguez in Cuba.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: 33. 1/1/53-Intelligence Report Prepared in the Office of Intelligence Research, Department of State

1950s: Carlos Manuel Pellecer was the third most important Communist in Guatemala in the fifties, according to the Dept. of State's INR, its intelligence service.


11/26/61 Amupas-1/June Cobb sees LINLUCK as contemptuous of Communists and ready to defect. He is being highly indiscreet.

104-10175-10003: CABLE: Amupas-1 Gave Station Chridtmas Cards

12/7/61: AMUPAS-1 (June Cobb) "tells of new love. Although she does not name him in note this is LINLUCK who is living with her."


June Cobb's notes: "(In the early fall of 1961) the day before I left (Mexico for Guatemala) I met Carlos Manuel Pellecer at the home of Edelberto Torres' son-in-law, Humberto Pineda...when I returned to Mexico (note: after her deportation), Bill (probably "Bill Mannix", true name Tom Hazlett) sent me to Venezuela to talk with Arevalo, using as a pretext the unauthorized changes Lyle Stuart made in my translation of The Shark and The Sardines. This book was just off the presses...(Pellecer incorporated me in some of the Guatemalan Communist activities)...with respect to Carlos Manuel Pellecer who has a much more difficult temperament and the usual Latin male's self-consciousness about being dominated by any female intimately involved in his life, I could see the possibility of subtle, almost subliminal influence on him. More important, there was the opportunity to provide needed assistance to him in his exit from the Communist Party. (Beginning with the first month in which I knew Pellecer I had constantly emphasized to Bill that Pellecer would break with the Communists...In 1963 and early 1964 my attention, my time and my energy were more or less monopolized by Pellecer...in the latter part of 1964 and throughout 1965 I devoted myself to building the AEM to its present potential importance in Mexican intellectual and literary life." See 104-10174-10132, p. 2: June Cobb also assisted Pellecer in writing his book explaining his "defection from Communism".


2/19/63: June Cobb/LICOOKY is reluctant to ask LINLUCK for the $200 needed to get pamphlet published.


11/7/63: Mexico City station makes contact with LINLUCK - to meet with Redlich.


11/19/63 MEXI 6969 from Mexico City to Director: "On 11/16/63 LICOOKY-1/June Cobb (with LINLUCK-1) visited Major Alfonso Prera Sierra (who lives with wife and four small daughters) at latter's house...Prera employed by Francisco (Paco) Amado at Maquinas Coloso (Paco's wife is owner). Alfonso said Paco still involved Guat guerrilla ops and receives money from Cubans to pass to Guats. Alfonso, who angry with Paco and extremely disillusioned, says Paco pocketing part of the money intended for guerrilla ops. Paco's wife says Paco now in (US) but Alfonso thinks he either in Guat or Cuba. Claims Paco made recent trips to Guat, and on one occasion 1600? dollars sent by Cubans for members jailed with Humberto Pineda, Paco gave them only few dollars each and gave rest to Yon Sosa guerrilla group..."


1963-1964: From Philip Agee's CIA Diary, p. 532: "Another important operation directed against the Cubans is a sophisticated provocation that won the CIA Intelligence Medal for Stan Archenhold, the case officer who conceived it. The operation consisted of a series of letters sent to the Cuban intelligence service in their Mexico City embassy from a person purported to be a CIA officer trying to help them. The letters purport to be from Joaquin Ordoqui, a respected, old-guard leader of the Cuban Communist Party and a high-ranking military leader, as a CIA agent. The letters are based on information from Carlos Manuel Pellecer, the Guatelmalan exile and penetration agent, who was closely associated with Ordoqui and Marcos Rodriguez when all three lived in Mexico City during the late 1950s. The letters continue to be sent to Cuban intelligence although Ordoqui was arrested in 1964, and the desired controversy in the Cuban revolutionary leadership followed."

John Newman, Oswald and the CIA p. 387

"The CIA saw to it that false papers had been planted on Proenza, documents that made the Vice Minister of Defense (note: Soviet-aligned Joaquin Ordoqui) look like a CIA agent who had betrayed the Soviet missile buildup in Cuba to the Americans. Actually, this official was a highly placed and extreme pro-Moscow Communist - and was probably the KGB's chief agent in the Cuban government. The CIA hoped that Moscow would jump to the vice minister's defense and that a collision would result between Moscow and Havana. The Proenza deception was associated with the Agency's AMTRUNK and AMROD anti-Cuban operations, part of a general CIA strategy to 'split the Castro regime' and sour relations between Moscow and Havana. Proenza, the vice minister, the vice minister's wife, and a subordinate of the vice minister were all arrested, tried for treason, and jailed for various terms. They were all innocent."

Bill Simpich

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