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Cryptonym: LIHUFF-2

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Augustin Navarro.


1/18/62 memo from Mexico City to Director: Augustin Navarro is identified as LIHUFF-2, stating that "LIHUFF-2 is anti-communist, pro-USA, Mexican, chief "Instituto Investigaciones Sociales y Economicas", Instituto founded in 1953 by group of Mexican bankers, industrialists and merchants to combat Communism in Mexico by spreading the principles of free enterprise and private initiative. Has furnished large number of pamphlets, fostered articles in newspapers, news items in radio programs, TV spots and other media. LIHUFF-2, through LIHUFF-1, has supplied station with about 2,000 cards with identifying data of Communists in Mexi; has six paid students at UNAM reporting on Communism and Communist activities at that university and has other KUCAGE (propaganda) potential."

104-10218-10047: (ASSET) (LIHUFF) OPERATIONS.

The document notes that LIHUFF-2's group produced a successful publication but the reorganization of the LIHUFF student group at the University of Puebla was deemed necessary due to the influence of "Communist-oriented" faculty members and leftist students gaining influence within the group.

104-10218-10044: (ASSET) (LIHUFF), DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS, 50-124-28/1

November 1962: LIHUFF-1 acted as a funding channel to an anti-Communist research group and rightist student group headed by LIHUFF-2, as well as handling LICHANT-1 and reporting on right-wing activities from other conservative business sources. At p. 57, the rightist student group is identified as MURO.

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