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Cryptonym: LIFTER

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LIFTER was the cryptonym for Antonio Garcia Moreno, Mexican labor leader and official of the Confederacion de Trabajadores de America Latina (CTAL), and a long-time CIA asset.
The source cryptonym for a Field Information Report on February 3, 1954, was LIFTER, and although information on the source was withheld, it is clear that Antonio Garcia Moreno was the major source in the report itself.

In addition, a Field Information Report in January of 1954 stated that LIFTER was a "friend of Vicente Lombardo Toledano with high level contacts among leftist groups." There was also a reference to CTAL leaders in this report.

A Field Information Report in December, 1955, described LIFTER as an "individual with high level connections in the PP", while a report in February of 1956 described the asset as a "newspaperman with connections close to (Mario) Ezcurdia (note: director of the leftist magazine Al Dia)."

A cable in December, 1963, mentioned that LIFTER was a "member of the Popular Socialist Party with good contacts among members of the secretariat of the CTAL in Mexico."


01/06/54: Source Cryptonym: LIFTER. Subject: Sociedad de Amigos de Guatemala. Page 2: Field Information Report: "Source: Friend of Vicente Lombardo Toledano with high level contacts among leftist groups. RYBAT #27 - PBSUCCESS: 1. The Sociedad de Amigos de Guatemala was officially formed on 18 December 1953 at a meeting held at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The person most active in promoting the formation of this group was the Guatemalan Ambassador, Roberto Alvarado Fuentes, who enlisted the assistance of his contacts in the Partido Popular, Partido Comunista Mexicano, Consejo Nacional de Partidarios de la Paz and other leftist groups. 2. The purposes of the group are as follows: a) To defend the measures taken by President Arbenz to promote the welfare of the Guatemalan people. b) To defend Guatemala against attacks from the United States and England. c) To hold conferences and public meetings which would demonstrate the progress of Guatemala under Arbenz. d) To foster cultural interchange between Guatemala and Mexico. e) To attract to the group as many persons as possible from all classes of society. f) To accuse the United States of interfering with the revolutionary program of President Arbenz, and this gain sympathy of anti-imperialistic elements within Mexico. g) The group intends to maintain relations with cultural and social groups within Guatemala and to publish a monthly propaganda bulletin within Mexico...5. Vicente Lombardo Toledano, president of the PP, has encouraged the most prominent members of the PP to join the group in order to control it, but he told them to avoid any propaganda which would indicate that the group was associated with a leftist political party. The CTAL leaders expect the group to expand rapidly inasmuch as it is apparently being furnished with ample funds from the Guatemala Embassy."


02/03/54: Source Cryptonym: LIFTER. Pages 2-3: Field Information Report: Subject: CTAL Plans. Place Acquired: Mexico. Source: (REDACTION): "1. Antonio Garcia Moreno, Mexican labor leader and official of the Confederacion de Trabajadores de America Latina (CTAL), stated that Guatemala is a focal point upon which the CTAL must concentrate. He said that Guatemala at present a tremendously strong labor movement is being formed which could eventually affect all of Central America...2. Garcia Moreno went on to say that since the USA was aware of this movement, it was doing all it could to foster discontent and rebellion in Guatemala, but it was very easy to present Guatemala to the Central American republics and people as a progressive country fighting against the imperialism of the USA. ..Garcia Moreno said Vicente Lombardo Toledano had discussed the matter with Luis Saillant in Vienna, and they had made great plans, one of which is that for the time being the CTAL will not admit any of the labor unions in the West Indies or British Guiana as members, in order to forestall the English from accusing them of being Communistic...3. In closing, Garcia Moreno said that Asia was going to be flooded by strikes and workers movements, all as a primary phase for movements of liberation which are to come later."


12/19/55: Field Information Report from Mexico: Report Made by: C.S. Mullerin. Approved by: Peter R. Aumont. Source Cryptonym: LIFTER. - - - Page 4: "Source, Source Evaluation, Appraisal of Content: Individual with high level connections in the PP. 1. The secret meeting of the Combined Commission, during the Second National Assembly of the Partido Popular (PP), the following persons were appointed to the newly created National Committee, a body inferior only to the National Assembly and National Directorate within the PP...Antonio Garcia Moreno, from the Federal District..."


02/16/56: Field Information Report from Mexico City: Report Made by: C.S. Mullerin. Approved by: Peter R. Aumont. Source Cryptonym: LIFTER.

104-10070-10111: "AL DIA" MAGAZINE.

02/16/56: Field Information Report: COUNTRY: Mexico. PLACE AQUIRED: Mexico City. "Source, Source Evaluation, Appraisal of Content: Newspaperman with connections close to Ezcurdia (B). Appraisal of Content: 2. 1. Mario Ezcurdia, director of the leftist magazine Al Dia, has said that as of February 1956, the publication would appear weekly. Al Dia had been appearing twice a month. Ezcurdia said also that through the efforts of Jose Domingo Lavin and Sergio Novelo the magazine would receive more paid advertising from the government. 2. Ezcurdia added that as of 1 January 1956, the following persons, all Marxists, had been added to the staff of Al Dia: Horacio Quimones, editor-director of the Buro de Investigaciones Politicas (BIP). Agustin Arroyo Ch., an intimate of General Lazaro Cardenas. Saturnino Pellez, an intimate of General Lazaro Cardenas. Victor Rico Gallan."

1994.04.12.15:56:58:500005: Reel 26, Folder K - FRENTE REVOLUTIONAIRO DEMOCRATICA.

04/15/61: Cable to BELL: "On 13 April 61 national executive committee of central committee Partido Popular Socialista (PPS) issued a call 'to volunteers who are ready to go to Cuba fight for respect sovereignty of nation which people represent and embody.' Above excerpt from executive com statement which published Mexican dailies 14 April. Statement signed by Vicente Lombardo Toledano, Rafael Estrada Villa, Indalecio Sayago, Jacinto Lopez, Lazaro Rubio Felix, Jorge Carrion, Antonio Garcia Moreno, Isidoro Gomez Gamez and Jorge Cruickshank."


06/14/63: Report Cover Sheet from Mexico City: Reporting Officer: Lewis J. Shoquist. Reports Officer: Theodore G. Ronganne. Approving Officer: Willard C. Curtis. From: LIFTER. - - - Page 3: "Source: Member (B) of the Popular Socialist Party with close contacts among leaders of the Popular Socialist Youth..."


10/24/63: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: ..."B. Matthew Brennis Hallinan - Matthew Hallinan, mentioned in paragraph 1A, is a son of Vincent Hallinan who attended the summer school at the Universidad Obrera de Mexico (UOM - Worker's University of Mexico). On 11 August 1963, after having talked with Matthew Hallinan, LIFTER said that Matthew was in charge of the group of American students who attended the school and was the most capable in the group. LIFTER also said that Matthew had apparently not fully assimilated the Marxist line and was not in agreement with some ideas expressed by Leninism and Stalinism."


12/24/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: INTEL: REF MEXI 7506 (IN 86455): "SUPDATA Source: LIFTER...Subject: Projected Communist Latin American Labor Union Congress in Rio de Janeiro...Source: Member (B) of the Popular Socialist Party with good contacts among members of the secretariat of the CTAL in Mexico."


05/06/69: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Withheld; COS, Mexico City: Subject: JMTEAK Jose Alberto Cardoza Aguilar... - - - Page 102: ..."PERSONALITY, ASSESSMENT AND HEALTH: 1. As of 10 March 1952, his name was on a list of persons considered by CPAL as being loyal to WFTU policies and to Marxism (27)..." - - - Page 103: ..."COMMUNIST AND OTHER SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES: (Political and Organizational Involvement): 5 - 11 September 1949: Attended the American Continental Congress for Peace as the Guatemalan delegate. The Congress met in Mexico City (5, 27)..." - - - Page 112: ..."(27). LIFTER..."

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