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Cryptonym: LIFAIL

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Orlando Pedro Rodriguez Alvarez, nephew of Santiago Alvarez.

104-10074-10144: OPERATIONAL ((DELETION)).

09/28/59, Dispatch from COS, Ciudad Trujillo to Chief, WHD (Info: COS, Mexico City and COS, Habana): Page 9: "20. COMMENT: LIFAIL is a bright young man who displayed culture and good manners. He was genuinely appreciative for the assistance given him. It should be understood however, that he is immature and, in the face of some element of danger, is like a frightened little boy. The Dominican Republic is cruel, conscienceless and extremely dangerous for old hands and such a novice has no chance. It has been the quick undoing of more seasoned men. It is believed that the theft of LIFAIL's passport can be considered advantageous. If he had stayed on in the Dominican Republic, without experiencing the loss of his passport, it is a safe assumption that he would have become suspect, arrested and whisked off to prison. Torture would have broken him quickly. He should not return to the Dominican Republic under any circumstances, and he was so informed emphatically." - - - Page 11: "22 September 1959. Mr. Harry Lefton, U.S. Consul, Ciudad Trujillo: I have obtained International Passport No. 670 and an Exit Permit for Orlando Pedro Rodriguez Alvarez, from Dominican Immigration. I have also obtained a Pan American ticket for Rodriguez and he will leave Ciudad Trujillo on Flight No. 432 at 0900 hours, 23 September 1959. Please issue a visa to Rodriguez so he can enter the United States, and be handled properly from thereon. My associates will meet him at U.S. Immigration in Miami and take care of the details. Rodriguez will go from Miami on to Mexico City but my people may want to talk to him for two or three days before sending him on his way..."


01/06/60, Cable from Mexico City to Director: "1. Santiago Alvarez leading Cuban exile MEXI and family plan leave MEXI week 11 January for Miami settle down business there. LIFAIL who nephew Alvarez asked for revalidation U.S. visa previously issued MEXI order visit Alvarez when convenient. Station refused consider request and LIFAIL obviously upset. He said wife and child HAVA and he would be left alone with little or no income as family's belongings had been confiscated. Case officer took this opportunity offer consideration immigration visa U.S. with consequent termination his work CIA. LIFAIL agreed. 2. LIFAIL says has all papers necessary immigration visa including letter from Alvarez re support while U.S. HQs comments requested soonest. 3. Since LIFAIL arrival MEXI has provided no info of intel value and has doubtful potential believe visa U.S. good way terminate as he has 'persecution' complex since TRUJ fiasco. 4. LIFAIL offered go Cuba with false documentation should such action fit within U.S. plans. This offer probably desire LIFAIL vindicate himself eyes U.S."


09/10/00, Cable from Director to Ciudad Trujillo (Orig: R. Reynolds, WH/III/C/Unintelligible): "1. According Miami ODURGE (U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS) Office LIFAIL's passport was presented in Puerto Rico 18 August by Antonio Soto Vasquez, Cuban, who claimed passport had been loaned him by LIFAIL in Dom Rep. Soto was accompanied by mother, Julia Rosa Vasquez y Acosta Soto and by Jorge Antonio Soto y Becerra also using falsified passports. All three were sent Miami where where ODURGE hearing is scheduled 18 September. Subjects claim political refugee status. 2. LIFAIL passport no longer valid since it has been altered. Also ODURGE needs it as evidence in hearing. 3. Suggest Station do following: A. Ask LIFAIL comments on Soto statement LIFAIL loaned him passport. B. Tell him passport cannot be returned. C. Clarify para 2 Ref. D. Determine whether he can return MEXI or other country. E. Ascertain reason for fear. F. Forward recommendations. WH Comment: *LIFAIL says his passport was stolen, he cannot leave D.R., and he fears for his life."

Gavin McDonald

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