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Cryptonym: LIERGO

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Mexican Government's Minister of Social Security. A memo on the CIA's Mexico City Station, in March of 1962, stated that LIERGO was Iden D. The next page in the file mentioned that Iden D was the Minister of Social Security.

104-10310-10001: WITHHELD

01/14/61: CIA document: Subject: Meeting. Date: 14 January 1961, 1000 - 1200 hours. Place: LITENSOR's Residence. Persons Present: ASCHAM, LITENSOR and Curtis (as interpreter): Page 5: ..."LITENSOR told ASCHAM that he had complete confidence in LIERGO and LIELEGANT and that they too would help in any way they could (along with him) in the fight against Communism." - - - Page 7: ..."d) From the Mexico City Station point of view ASCHAM's visit, his conversations with LITENSOR, LIERGO, LIENVOY/1 and LIELEGANT added to the stature of the Station more in this two day period than the Station could ever have achieved without ASCHAM's personal help."

104-10187-10030: (ASSET) OPERATIONS (VOL. VI).

02/16/62: Cable from Mexico City to Director: "1. COS, at ambassador's request, said to LIELEGANT, LIERGO and to LIENVOY/1 that ambassador considered FONMIN Manuel Tello speech at Punta del Este (saying Marxism Leninism incompatible with Western hemisphere was a 'good step for Mexico.' COS said, however, that deeds now needed to show Mexicans are willing to take anti-Communist, anti-Castro stand..."

104-10188-10010: CIA FILE ON TEL TAP.

03/23/62: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Monthly Activities Report on Project LIENVOY: Page 3: ..."D. Liaison: During the period under review the Chief of Station maintained regular contact with LIELEGANT and LIERGO. On 2 December 1961, the Chief of Station together with the Ambassador met with LITENSOR. The meeting was reported in MEXI 9575 and in detail in MEXI 9472..."

104-10187-10030: (ASSET) OPERATIONS (VOL. VI).

03/26/62: Memo from Withheld to Chief, Task Force Washington (Attention: John Caswell): Subject: Feasibility of Effecting Release of Manuel Urrutia, Ex-President of Cuba, Political Exile in Mexican Embassy, Havana: "1. The Mexico City Station has the capability of approaching LITENSOR (Iden A) and requesting him to attmept to arrange for a safe conduct pass for Subject. The approach to LITENSOR can be made through three different channels: LITEMPO/2, (Iden B), LIELEGANT (Iden C), and LIERGO (Iden D). Also, a direct approach by the COS to LITENSOR could probably be arranged if so desired by Headquarters for operational security reasons. 2. No assessment on the success of an approahc of this type can be made because of the Mexican interest and position re Cuba. 3. If a decision is made to attempt to obtain a safe conduct pass for Subject, it is recommended that the COS Mexico City be informed in detail of Headquarters mission and maximum goals and that he be requested to recommend the best channel to LITENSOR." - - - Page 136: "IDENTITIES: Iden A - President of Mexico. Iden B - Minister of Interior. Iden C - Special Advisor to President. Iden D - Minister of Social Security."

104-10187-10030: (ASSET) OPERATIONS (VOL. VI).

04/28/62: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT GYROSE PBRUMEN: "1. LIERGO advised COS on night of 27 April that LITENSOR had written personal letter to President Dorticos asking that Urrutia be given safe conduct to Mexico. 2. LIERGO had already discussed this with LITENSOR prior to COS talk with LIELEGANT. 3. LIERGO plans now to tell LITENSOR send second letter as immediate follow-up. 4. LITENSOR's requests are for Urrutia and his family only and do not include other asylees in Mexican Embassy in Cuba. 5. Both LIERGO and LIELEGANT promise to report immediately on reply from Dorticos. 6. COS has not advised ambassador of above. Should het...C/S Comment: *HQs has discussed problem with ODACID (U.S. State Department) in attempt assess impact in exile communities PBPRIME (U.S.)."

104-10187-10030: (ASSET) OPERATIONS (VOL. VI).

10/31/62: Cable from Mexico City to Director: ATTN: BRENT, KNIGHT, GALBOND: "1. Info reported in ref confirmed by personal conversations between COS and LITENSOR, LIELEGANT, LIERGO, LITEMPO/2 and Humberto Romero Perez. Also, LITEMPO/2 position by LIENVOY report of his telephone conversation with Galindo Ochoa as cited in reference. LITEMPO/2 statements to Galindo Ochoa amount to Mexican press guidance theme. 2. All assured COS Mexico 100 percent with U.S.A. However, Romero pointed out his 'chief' must be careful what he says and to whom he speaks. C/S Comment: *Reference attached."

104-10187-10003: CIA FILE ON (ASSET)

03/16/63: Cable: Slugline RYBAT LIENVOY: REF DIR 25228* "1. President Adolfo Lopez Mateos requested on 16 March names of friends of COS (REDACTION) who could contact his private secretary Humberto Romero (Perez) at each of these places during visit. 2. President wants this channel so that LIERGO, LITEMPO/2, LIELEGANT and Curtis can send him 'securely' any message they consider of interest. (Note: President reiterated that he does not trust his own foreign service channel and said is afraid of his communication links for very sensitive information). 3. Realize this difficult request make of HQs but would appreciate serious consideration in view of present and future relationship. 4. Persons contacting Romero could use 'friend of Tio' or 'friend of Senor Blanco' since president frequently refers to Curtis as 'Tio' and as 'Senor Blanco' of 'Blanco Diplomacia.' 5. Appreciate early reply. C/S Comment: *Headquarters forwarded briefing material for LITENSOR (5) European trip which the Mexico City station may select, edit and translate the material it considers most appropriate."

104-10187-10003: CIA FILE ON (ASSET)

03/27/63: Cable: "1. Real name is Winston Scott. Romero knows personally and is aware president is contact and friend. 2. President has been advised of channels and names of contacts in (REDACTION). He obviously has not briefed Romero. 3. Suggest (REDACTION) merely leave name and say will call again to see if message. 4. President's main concern will be for messages from Mexico if repeat if any sensitive matters locals (one of whom acting as chief of Mexican Govt) who contacts of Scott wish send to him by KUBARK (CIA) secure channel. 5. LITEMPO/2, LIELEGANT and LIERGO all aware of channels to (REDACTION) and will use if have such messages. C/S Comment: *Dissemination applicable to RYBAT cables. **Requested further identification material could use on phone with anyone who answers phone in presidential suite."


10/08/63: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Page 3: ..."5. Liaison: On 18 September 1963 Oliver G. Galbond and Willard C. Curtis met with LIELEGANT and LIERGO. They also saw LIELEGANT on 20 September..."

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