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Cryptonym: LICOZY-5

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David Ornelas of the Mundus Tours company in Mexico. Double agent of the Mexico City CIA station against the KGB.
P-581 in the initial post is identified elsewhere as Miriam AVILA Katz, the employee of LICOZY-5: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147668&relPageId=139&search=%22p-581%22 Miriam Avila Katz is 201-814144: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147675&search=%22AVILA_KATZ%22#relPageId=246&tab=page Miriam Avila Katz is Identified elsewhere as a tourist agency representative: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147675&relPageId=250&search=%22avila_katz%22 She was an employee of Mundus Tours https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147675&relPageId=108&search=%22travel_agency%22%20%22tourist%20agency%22 LICOZY-5 is probably 201-51203: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52199&relPageId=90&search=%22201-51203%22 LICOZY-5 mIght be David Ornelas of Mundus Tours, the principal agent working with Loginov of the Soviet embassy: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52199&relPageId=90&search=%22201-51203%22


Philip Agee, Inside the Company, p. 535: "LICOZY-5: Double-agent of the Mexico City station against the KGB.

1994.04.07.12:00:44:180005: Reel 9, Folder N - VALERIY VLADIMIROVICA KOSTIKOV (VOL. II).

2/20/63: Kostikov presented gift to "subject of 201-51203 on latter's return from Europe - Mexi Jan. 1963".

104-10218-10032: KOSTIKOV, VALERIY VLADIMIROVICH, 201-305052

1964: "Nechiporenko...LICOZY-5's case officer, levied a requirement on LICOZY-5 for information on (Santiago?) Cortes...a young, serious, honorable employee who was previously in Sabena (Airlines') cargo department, later promoted to Assistant Station Manager and is now on his way up." (at p. 122) Kostikov had both personal contact and legitimate business contact with LICOZY-5. (at p. 116) LICOZY-5 described as a "Station double agent".


1965-66: Valentin Sergeyevich Loginov (201-285412): ..."He arrived August 1965 as Third Secretary. He replaced Nechiporenko...In March 1966, LICOZY-5 was told he would be handled in the future by L."


6/24/66: Loginov is still LICOZY-5's case officer. See p. 191 -12/13/66: LICOZY-5 is P-2712. Both the Soviets and the Americans paid this double agent with liquor. Marginalia: "LICOZY-5 is not holding to our line!"


1966-67: "LICOZY-5. Subject (P-581 - Mariam AVILA Katz) on her own initiative began telling me what a terrific guy her boss is. He, according to her, has one of the most winning personalities of anyone she has ever met. At the same time he is extremely intelligent and shrewd...This is why he is such a successful businessman. In reply to a question about LICOZY-5's background, Subject said that he had been born in Poland, was imprisoned by either the Poles or the Germans just before or during World War II...somehow got out and joined the Russians, taking place in the Soviet invasion of Germany. Somehow he had survived all this, made his way to Mexico, where he arrived penniless, and now he must have a small fortune in the bank. He vividly remembers his former hardships, however, is a very generous and humane person, and every year sends clothes to Poland and Russia. He also has a very strong feeling for Israel. He has no love for the Russians, but was not above joining them to ensure his own survival in World War II and can be agreeable enough toward them to retain their travel business." (at p. 45) "Subject works at REDACTED where she is in charge of travel to Russia and to Eastern Europe. In this job, she deals with LOGINOV on visa matters...in January 1967 Paul Dillon elicited from LICOZY-5 the information that Subject definitely had a social relationship with Loginov...(p. 86) LICOZY-5 is identified as a travel agent. (p. 121) Loginov told Ornelas to "give his regards" to Van Dyck of Air France, adding that Van Dyck would know what kind of regards they were; (p. 129) LICOZY-5 acted as an agent for the Soviets for a period up until 1967, when he said he would no longer play such a role. (p. 135) David Ornelas identified in 1966 as Loginov's principal contact at Mundus Tours.


03/23/67: Contact Report from Robert Steele: Subject: Withheld: Date of Meeting: 23 March 1967 (La Pergola Restaurant, 1400-1615): "1. Subject works at (REDACTION) where she is in charge of travel to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In this job, she deals with Loginov on visa matters. However, as far back as June 1966, LIENVOY indicated the existence of something more than simply a business relationship between them. Then in January 1967, Paul Dillon elicited from LICOZY-5 the information that Subject definitely had a social relationship with Loginov..." On page 42 there is a memo from Paul Dillon on April 10, 1967.


09/13/67: Memorandum for the record from Francis J. Coigne: Subject: Withheld. Source: LICOZY-5:


09/17/68: Memorandum for the record from Francis J. Coigne: Subject: Telecon with LICOZY-5 on 12 September 1968: "1. LICOZY-5 reported that Henryk Sobieski recently called him and identified himself as the replacement for Jan Jakowiec. He said that Jakowiec will leave in about a month, as soon as the Olympics are completed. He also invited LICOZY-5 ofr lunch on 17 September stating that he had greetings from an old friend. I told LICOZY-5 to listen to what Sobieski says but to turn him down flat, if a pitch is attempted. 2. LICOZY-5 also reported that Bakulin and his wife left on 10 September with the daughters of Kazantskev, Loginov and Dyakonov (confirmed by LICALLA)."


1973: David Ornelas' tour business going strong - see page 5.

Bill Simpich

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