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Cryptonym: LICOZY-3

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Steve Kenin, or Kenin's twin brother Larry. Both men were motorcyclists in Mexico City. At least one of them allegedly met Lee Oswald and their name is misspelled in documents as "Kennan" or "Keenan". Double agent of the Mexico City CIA station against the KGB.

Philip Agee, CIA Diary: Inside the Company

"The [Mexico City] station double-agent cases against the Soviets, LICOZY-1, LICOZY-3 and LICOZY-5, are all being wound up for lack of productivity or problems of control. One of these agents, LICOZY-3, is an American living in Philadelphia who was recruited by the Soviets while a student in Mexico City, but who reported the recruitment and worked for the Mexico City station. He worked for the FBI after returning to the US -- the Soviet case officer was a UN official at one time -- but recently Soviet interest in him has fallen off and the FBI turned the case back over to the Agency for termination."

FBI 105-82555 Oswald HQ File, Section 168

Late 1962: Homobono Alcaraz Alcaron knew a Steve Kennan in Mexico, who left the country many months before Oswald's arrival. Alcaraz met Arnold Louis Kessler at the Friends Service Center in Mexico City in late 1963. Kessler was engaged to Barrie Millman of Berkeley, California. An acquaintance of Millman said that "possibly Steve Kennan had something to do with Oswald in Mexico." 4/27/64, Interview with Homobono Alcaraz Alcaron:


Bill Kelly, "The Man on the Motorcycle in Mexico City Revisited", 2013: "In 1963 Steve Kenin dropped out of Temple and rode his motorcycle to Mexico and wrote an article about vagabonding around Mexico for Motorcycle Magazine. He was certainly our guy, the Steve “Kennin or Kennen” who Homo Bono saw ride off with Oswald from Sanborns restaurant to the Cuban Embassy...Tony Summers called Steve Kenin on the phone and introduced himself and they talked about Kenin’s time in Mexico. Yes, he rode his motorcycle to Mexico, yes he met a German women at the Quaker hostel Casa de Amegos, and yes they went on a holiday together, but no, he didn’t recall meeting Alcaraz the lawyer or Lee Harvey Oswald at Sanborns or giving Oswald a ride to the Cuban embassy on his motorcycle. But yes, he did meet Castro, albeit only briefly, as they crossed paths on the fly at an airport, and they only stopped to take the photo together. Kenin thought he had left Mexico by the time Oswald got there in late September 1963, before his August 1963 Motorcycle Magazine article was published. It was all pretty suspicious however, and Kenin himself thought so too, especially the idea that the government records indicated that he knew Oswald, gave him a ride to the Cuban embassy to get visas to Cuba, and that there existed a photo of him and Castro together...he does have a twin brother who reportedly took over the motorcycle, who hasn’t been questioned yet, so perhaps as it has been suggested, the twin brother was the one who gave Oswald a ride? Kenin did also acknowledge being in New York City when Castro spoke at the UN, when and where LICOZY-3 was reportedly recruited as a double-agent by the Cubans and the FBI-CIA. Tony Summers wrote: 'the CIA reportedly ran an agent in Mexico, code named LICOZY-3, who was a student from Philadelphia.. (the source was) former CIA Mexico City station officer Philip Agee, who resigned from the Agency in 1968 and took refuge in Cuba.'"

Greg Parker, Reopen the Kennedy Case website, "Why the Casa de Los Amigos Needs More Scrutiny", (2010): http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t60-why-the-casa-de-los-amigos-needs-closer-scrutiny

Michael Maccoby and Erich Fromm conducted a study on Mexican peasants over a 10 year period...funded by the Foundations Fund for Research in Psychiatry...supported by the Ford Foundation. The study resulted in a book called Social Character in a Mexican Village published in 1970 by Prentice-Hall, (with links to CIA)...The book acknowledged the help and cooperation of the American Friends Service Committee through the Casa de los Amigos and director, Ed Duckles (in 1964 when the FBI was looking for "Steve Kennan", the center was in the hands of acting director, Von Peacock - Duckles was not mentioned...)...Duckles lent...a steady stream of Friends from the US in the period covering 1961 – 63...Maccoby had worked with Henry Murray at Harvard during the period Murray was conducting “personality” experiments for the CIA on students duped into participation...(including) Ted Kaczynski (aka The Unabomber). Murray was in OSS during WWII and developed the assessment tests for potential agents...Fromm fled Germany in the early 1930s and landed...at Columbia University. By 1950, after setting up a number of institutes, he moved to Mexico, becoming a professor at National Autonomous University...Fromm had married Frieda Reichman in 1926...though separated by the time Fromm left Germany, they remained friends, and she soon followed in his footsteps to the US where Erich (got her a job) at Chestnut Lodge where she remained the rest of her working life...Chestnut Lodge was named in some CIA documents as having participated in MKULTRA experiments..Chestnut Lodge was a “sanitarium in Rockville, Maryland with hot and cold running CIA cleared psychiatrists”. Her mentor...Harry Stack Sullivan...worked with Fromm in forming the William Anson White Institute. Maccoby, Fromm, Reichmann, Murray and Sullivan all had an abiding interest in the use of psychology and personality testing in recruitment; in authoritarianism, and in the impact of society and relationships on personality."


11/23/63 memo from Pete Bagley, recounting a chief from SR Division, sent from Frankfurt, for the attention of Mr. Angleton: "Should not the assignment of 13th Dept. officers to the KGB residency in the United Nations in New York be considered in a new light?" The memo then states that this "refers to the presence, reported by an FBI penetration of the KGB locally, in New York or Washington of one or two known officers of the 13th Department of the 1st Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence) of the KGB. This department is charged with 'liquid affairs', sabotage and assassination. One of the 13th Dept. officers, by the way, met with a Soviet 'exchange student' from a Pennsylvania university during the school year 1962-63, which suggests that the Soviet student is also a 13th Dept. officer or agent. Perhaps significantly, his course of studies was in food chemistry!" LICOZY-3 may have been the "I discovered from Arthur Martin (of MI-5) during our long and exceptionally valuable conversations, that one of Harold Wilson's principal scientific advisors is Captain Ian Maxwell, who has a long Soviet intelligence background. This may shed new light on AELADLE/Anatoliy Golitysn's report (i.e. that Harold Wilson may be a Soviet agent)..."


Philip Agee, Inside the Company: Double agent of the Mhttps://www.maryferrell.org/php/crypsuedit.php?type=crypt&id=LICOZY-3#exico City CIA station against the KGB. (p. 457; p. 535)

KENNAN, STEVE: WC Vol 24, p. 658; CE 2948; CD 422; CD 1084

In December 1963, Homobono ALCARAZ Aragon described Kennan as a young American in Mexico in 1962 and 1963 who was procommunist and might have known LHO. Kennan was seen several times in Sanborn's Restaurant next to American Embassy building in Mexico City.

1993.06.25.18:17:23:900330 LEE HARVEY OSWALD

1/22/64: "T-2 advised...Homobono Alcarez Aragon, a graduate student (at UNAM) commented "that when Kennan was in Mexico in 1962 and 1963, he apparently was unsuccessful in securing a visa from Cuban authorities for travel for Cuba."

FBI 105-82555 Oswald HQ File, Section 225

March 1965: Jack Kramer met Homobono Alcaraz on a Greyhound bus and spent several weeks with him in Mexico City. Kramer remembered Alcaraz as telling him he had coffee with Lee Harvey Oswald two or three days before the assassination. (Could have been two or three months). Alcaraz was going to Los Angeles to see his girlfriend "Barry" - could that have been Barrie Millman? The FBI refused to follow up, saying this matter was laid to rest in 1964. 124-10369-10008, p. 169.

Anthony Summers, Not in Your Lifetime, p. 441

Note 92: In 1994, in Mexico City, the author [Anthony Summers] interviewed Homobono Alcaraz Aragon, a lawyer. His name featured in reports indicating that he claimed he had met Oswald in Mexico City before the assassination. In the 1994 interview, Alcaraz said he had encountered Oswald at Sanborn’s restaurant, in the company of two or three other American students – all Quakers, like Alcaraz himself. The talk centered on efforts to get into Cuba, and Alcaraz said “Oswald” eventually left with one of the Americans – whom Alcaraz recalls as being named either Steve Keenan (or Kennan) from Philadelphia.* As Alcaraz recalled it, Steve Kennan drove Oswald on his motorcycle to go to the Cuban consulate. Alcaraz seemed sincere, and abhorred publicity. He named a friend, Hector Gastelo (now a farmer in Sonora State) as probably having been present during the encounter with Oswald. Interview with Alcaraz, 1993; CE 2121; and multiple FBI reports – Available at the Assassination Archive and Research Center, Washington DC and Mary Ferrell website. [*As Not in Your Lifetime went to press, the author became aware of information that the CIA ran an agent in Mexico, code-named LICOZY-3, who was a student from Philadelphia. – Phillip Agee, op. cit,. p. 530]

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