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Cryptonym: LICOOL

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Microphone/transmitters. Used at the Soviet embassy and the Cuban embassy. Last installation was in 1960 with the Soviets, and 1961 with the Cubans. After that point, the decision was made to prepare a separate project for each audio installation.

104-10189-10032: TECH ACTIVITY REPORT

Starting in 1960-61 "eight microphone/transmitter installations were made in (the Cuban embassy). These were called LIERODE installations. One of two were placed in the senior official's office at various times during this period. These installations were monitored from a truck (not the LIFIRE truck) and an apartment (basehouse Able) and later a second, closer apartment (basehouse Baker). Basehouse Baker was always referred to as the LIERODE base.


4/1/64 dispatch from WH/3/Mexico L. Sanchez to COS Win Scott: "The initial effort begins with the activation of LIFEAT/LIERODE in Feb. 1959...Eight LICOOL attempts were made during 1960-1961 against the same target. The LICOOLs were monitored from a mobile truck (not LIFIRE), Basehouse ABLE, and Basehouse BAKER, and the latter came to be referred to as the LIERODE base. The most productive operation of this sort seems to have been LICOOL/11, activated on 9 May 1959...the last LICOOL ceased functioning during late 1961."

Mexico City Station History

"Umbrella project for several surreptitious installations into the residences of Soviet bloc officials from 1953 until 1960 during which time audio devices were placed there. The LICOOL project was terminated when the decision was made to prepare a separate project for each audio installation."

Bill Simpich

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