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Cryptonym: LICOOKY-2

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Unknown identity. LICOOKY-2 was a Mexico City travel agency employee who worked on the LICOOKY Project. Possibly Howard Etsinger.
LICOOKY-2 was formerly LICENTO-1, and was spotted by LICOOKY-1 (Viola June Cobb) in August of 1963. In addition, a LICOOKY Progress Report for December 1964 - February 1965 mentioned that LILINK-4 handled LICOOKY-1 (Viola June Cobb) and LILINK-5 handled LICOOKY-2. Furthermore, LICOOKY-2 was terminated on December 31, 1965, for an apparent lack of continuous production. LICOOKY-2 principally reported on Communist travelers going from Central America to Eastern Europe.


10/2/63: Cable MEXI 6364 from Mexico City station to Director: "According LIFEAT 26 Sept Lina Rosa Ferreto, daughter Arnoldo Ferreto Segura, who lived with her aunt, Judith Ferreto, from arrival Mexi 14 Aug to 28 Aug, had long telecon with Miriam de Franco re Judith. Lina says Judith is rude, dictatorial, and generally complajns bitterly against treatment by Judith (and would like to leave her house)...According to LIFEAT 29 Sept Ferreto told Adelina Zendejas, Mexi commie, that Lina created scene when Arnoldo arrived 26 Sept complaining about treatment with result Arnoldo moved Lina to Carlos Saenz's house..."


Pages 2-3: ..."b. LICOOKY-2 (formerly LICENTO), a young Mexican male field agent, is employed by a Mexico City travel agency which is used by a Central American Communist agent to arrange travel from Mexico to Eastern European countries. He was originally spotted by LICOOKY-1 (Viola June Cobb) in August 1963 and recruited by Simon D. Clackett. His principal reports have concerned communist travelers from Central America going to Iron Curtain countries. He has been paid on a piecemeal basis averaging $1000.00 person a month. He has an OA granted on 10 February 1964. He has natural cover as a travel agency employee. While his motivation is chiefly financial, he does appear to be sympathetic to U.S. and the policies of ODYOKE (U.S. Government). His need for money creates a financial control over him and for what it is worth the Station has signed receipts for money paid to him. He has had no formal training...2. E. Security Evaluation:..."2. LICOOKY-2's natural cover gives him easy access to the required travel information and does not present a security problem. He and Reymander are of similar ages and since Reymander is under non-official cover their being near together does not tend to create a financial suspicion. There has been no indication that he has talked to any one concerning his work for ODYOKE. It is assumed that he realizes he is working for some ODYOKE agency but he he has never asked any questions or shown any curiosity about such agency. Meetings are of a clandestine nature made on a regular basis changing the times and places. Alternate and emergency plans have been made. He has also been given visual and oral signals in order to enable contact to be made by a person unknown to him. 3. LICOOKY-2 is not aware of LICOOKY-1's affiliation with ODYOKE, and LICOOKY-1 has never been told that LICOOKY-2 was recruited..."


12/15/64: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: "Forwarded by split transmission, left side herewith, right side under separate cover, is the LICOOKY project embracing LICOOKY and the former LICENTO. It should be pointed out that with the reported replacement of Judith Ferreto as the principal arranger of travel for Communists originating in or going to Costa Rica, it is not known whether LICOOKY-2 (formerly LICENTO) will continue to have access to information of interest to CIA. So far Ferreto's removal has not been confirmed. However, the sum earmarked for LICOOKY's pay should be left in the project as it will be undesirable, once Ferroto's successor is known, to go after someone in whatever new travel agency may be used."

104-10185-10159: LICOOKY/50-6-129/1/DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS

2/19/65: Memo from C/WH/POA Gerard Droller to WH/EXO: "LICOOKY-2 is a Mexican travel agency employee recruited by LICOOKY-1 in 1963 and then turned over to another Mexican asset for handling. His agency is used by a Central American communist living in Mexico to arrange travel for other Central Americans transiting Mexico."

104-10185-10161: LICOOKY.OPERATIONS.50-6-129/3

03/11/65: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: LICOOKY Progress Report for December 1964 - February 1965: ..."e. LILINK-4 handles LICOOKY-1 (Viola June Cobb) and LILINK-5 handles LICOOKY-2..."

104-10185-10162: CABLE:

12/24/65: Cable from Mexico City: "1. 20 August LICOOKY-2 reported 19 August call from Judith Ferreto who said Arnoldo Ferreto had bought ticket in SJOS for trip SJOS to Brussels. Ticket bought credit, since authorization not yet received. She said Arnoldo to leave MEXI for Brussels on 22 August via Sabena. 2. At Judith's request L-2 tried get Mexican re-entry visa for Arnoldo but was told Arnoldo must go to Ministry of Interior himself. Arnoldo did on 20 August and was referred to Ministry Foreign Relations. Since Arnoldo had only 45 minutes before latter office closed for weekend, L-2 unaware if visa obtained. 3. Re-entry visa takes two to three weeks if issued Europe and since Arnoldo most anxious get visa in Mexico L-2 thinks only brief trip planned. 4. LIRICE PI at hotel 23 August showed Arnoldo checked out 22 August."

104-10185-10161: LICOOKY PROJECT PROGRESS REPORT: 1 OCTOBER 1965 - 30 APRIL 1966

05/17/66: LICOOKY PROGRESS REPORT: Page 2: "e. LICOOKY-2 continued to report travel of Communists or leftists from Central America to Eastern Europe. During this period he reported on eight such travelers..." Page 3: ..."d. L-2 has not been met regularly since 25 January. On that date he was given a mailing address which she uses to request a meeting only if he has information to report. L-2 is paid on a piece-rate basis for information supplied and does not receive a regular salary." Page 4:..."5. Plans...b. It is possible L-2 will, in the very near future, lose access to the travel information which he has been reporting, because he is being given new responsibilities in the office where he works. L-2 is intelligent, conscientious, and well-motivated. If he does lose his present access, the Station will consider him for other assignments in which he could be useful."

104-10185-10159: LICOOKY/50-6-129/1/DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS

06/21/66: Memorandum from W. J. Kaufman, C/WH/1 to Chief, WH Division. Subject: Request for Termination of Project LICOOKY: Page 2: ..."(5) Date of Termination: 1 January 1966. (6) Status of commitments:...b. LICOOKY-2: LICOOKY-2 was terminated on 31 December 1965 for lack of continuous production. He was very understanding when told of the termination and recognized that his limited and occasional access made a regular salary illogical. Contact is maintained with him via a letter box through which he can indicate his need for case officer contact. He is then paid small sums for travel information supplied..."

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