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Cryptonym: LICHERRY

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Unknown identity. LICHERRY was a Spanish Republican Basque political exile in Mexico who reported on activities of Spanish exiles from 1949 to 1958.
LICHERRY also reported on Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, then former President of Guatemala, from at least September of 1954 to August of 1956.


05/15/57: Memorandum from J. C. King, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to CI/ICD, PP/OPS: Subject: Jacobo Arbenz, Ex-President of Guatemala - Operations Against: "1. On 13 May 1957 a memorandum was sent to the DD/P recommending five operational uses of a chronological biography of ex-President Arbenz; this biography is comprised of INLUCK materials, Staff-D information, as well as data from other sources..." - - - From Page 10 onwards: ..."19 September 1954: Jacobo Arbenz, ex-President of Guatemala, and his wife have decided to go to Switzerland as soon as possible once they have obtained their safe conduct permits to leave Guatemala. Arbenz' parents were born in Switzerland. Mrs. Arbenz has been studying German in the Mexican Embassy in Guatemala. Arbenz has been very depressed. This fact is confirmed by the very few who have seen him (his assistants, Guillermo Toriello and Augusto Charnaud MacDonald). Few of the people who sought asylum in the Mexican Embassy have been permitted to visit Arbenz, but he has not been ill as stated by the press. Since Arbenz has been in the Mexican Embassy he has never received Jose Manuel Fortuny, ex-Secretary General of Partido Guatemalteco del Trabajo (PGT). (LICHERRY...14 October 1954: Alfonso Solorzano Fernandez, former manager of Institute Guatemalateco de Seguridad Social (IGSS), stated that he recently had an interview with Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, former President of Guatemala, in which they exchanged views on various aspects of Guatemalan politics...Solorzano and Arbenz discussed at length the subject of organizing in Mexico a Democratic Front of all the political parties which had supported the Arbenz Government, including the Communists. Arbenz authorized Solorzano to start work on this project, but insisted that they act with the greatest of discretion so as not to jeopardize Arbenz' delicate position in Mexico...LICHERRY." (CONTINUED BELOW).


..."COMMENT: This can be used by leaving out (Alfonso) Solorzano's name without endangering the source...23 June 1955: Guatemalan exiles in Mexico expect Arbenz to return from Europe in the immediate future. Many members of the Partido de Accion Revolucionaria Unificado (PARU) dread his return because they fear it may create a greater division between the Guatemalan exile groups. They fear, particularly, his favoritism toward the Communists and Jose M. Fortuny, former Secretary-General of the Communist Party in Guatemala. (LICHERRY...19 October 1955: Antonio Vilanova, Arbenz' brother-in-law, said during a recent trip to Mexico that he doubts Arbenz' wife will permit him to return to Mexico, since she was responsible for their going to Europe in order to have him recover from his mental depression...(LICHERRY...COMMENT: Not sensitive. This can be used with direct attribution to Antonio Vilanova...9 June - 24 August 1956: Genaro Carnero Checa, while touring China after attending the International Conference of Journalists in Helsinki, Finland met and held long discussions with Arbenz, who was apparently also in China on a Chinese Government-sponsored visit. Source was given this information at a meeting at which there were also present Augusto Charnaud MacDonald and Alfonso Solorzano. Carnero left Mexico on 9 June and returned from China on 24 August 1956. (LICHERRY...")


11/16/78: Anne Goodpasture's Mexico City Station History: Page 503: ..."LICHERRY - Spanish Republican (Basque) political exile in Mexico who reported on activities of Spanish exiles from 1949 to 1958 when the project was terminated for lack of production of information useful to CIA..."

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