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Cryptonym: LICHANT-1

Unwitting asset Manuel Calvillo, who the HSCA failed to locate in its attempt to corroborate Elena Garro de Paz's story regarding Oswald in Mexico City.

104-10174-10067: CAVILLO, MANUEL (LICHANT-1)

This HSCA form notes that staffer Ed Lopez reviewed the file (201-331599) on Manuel Calvillo, also listed on the form as (LICHANT-1).

HSCA testimony of Ann Goodpasture p.78: 180-10110-10028

In the HSCA security classified testimony of Mexico City station employee Ann Goodpasture, she makes reference to LICHANT-1 as "a source in the Cuban Embassy." Questioner Michael Goldsmith twice notes LICHANT-1's real name as Manuel Calvillo.

"Lopez Report" p.255: Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City (aka "Lopez Report")

The Lopez Report notes that "In 1963, Mr. Calvillo was as unwitting asset of the Central Intelligence Agency" and describes him as the source for Elena Parro de Gaz's story regarding Sylvia Duran (that Oswald had attended a "twist party" at Duran's house). The report states that"Manuel Calvillo could well be a key to determining the veracity of Ms. Garro's story. The Committee's attempt to interview Mr. Calvillo were also frustrated."

"Lopez Report" p.232: Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City (aka "Lopez Report")

Regarding the attempt to locate and interview Calvillo: "The Committee believes that there is a possibility that a U.S. Goverment agency requested the Mexican government to refrain from aiding the Committee with this aspect of its work."

104-10174-10154: DISPATCH-LICHANT-1 PRQ PART 11:

Met by Shyrock/Tom Hazlett in 1961. L-1 is described as a "lawyer, intellectual" and a writer. He would research items on pro-US and anti-Soviet subjects. He met with LI-REDACTED who he thought he was reporting to - but he was not an agent but an asset. Shyrock was in reality the reporting officer, and would meet with L-1 directly at times.

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics, p. 123.

Calvillo, a friend of president Diaz Ordaz, apparently hid Elena Garro for a week after 11/22/63. The pls. May have been to cast the killing as a "communist conspiracy"


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