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Cryptonym: LICHANT-1

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Unwitting asset Manuel Calvillo, who the HSCA failed to locate in its attempt to corroborate Elena Garro de Paz's story regarding Oswald in Mexico City.

104-10174-10067: CAVILLO, MANUEL (LICHANT-1)

This HSCA form notes that staffer Ed Lopez reviewed the file (201-331599) on Manuel Calvillo, also listed on the form as (LICHANT-1).

HSCA testimony of Ann Goodpasture p.78: 180-10110-10028

In the HSCA security classified testimony of Mexico City station employee Ann Goodpasture, she makes reference to LICHANT-1 as "a source in the Cuban Embassy." Questioner Michael Goldsmith twice notes LICHANT-1's real name as Manuel Calvillo. Less redacted version here (p. 75 of 85): https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/180-10110-10028.pdf

104-10174-10154: DISPATCH-LICHANT-1 PRQ PART 11:

Met by Shyrock/Tom Hazlett in 1961. L-1 is described as a "lawyer, intellectual" and a writer. He would research items on pro-US and anti-Soviet subjects. He met with LI-REDACTED who he thought he was reporting to - but he was not an agent but an asset. Shyrock was in reality the reporting officer, and would meet with L-1 directly at times.

104-10219-10160: DISPATCH: WITHHELD

9/25/62 cable from Chief of Station, Mexico City to Chief, WH: "This is to advise that the Mexico City Station does not intend to have direct contact with LICHANT-1. It is intended that LICHANT-1 will be in contact with LIHUFF-1 who has known him well for many years...It is hoped that he can, because of his anti-Soviet, anti-Communist views and because of financial assistance he is being given, be adequately controlled."

"Lopez Report" p.255: Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City (aka "Lopez Report")

The Lopez Report notes that "In 1963, Mr. Calvillo was as unwitting asset of the Central Intelligence Agency" and describes him as the source for Elena Parro de Gaz's story regarding Sylvia Duran (that Oswald had attended a "twist party" at Duran's house). The report states that"Manuel Calvillo could well be a key to determining the veracity of Ms. Garro's story. The Committee's attempt to interview Mr. Calvillo were also frustrated."

180-10142-10136: No Title

EJL (HSCA staffer Edwin J. Lopez)'s first draft of Biography of Elena Garro: "Since Elena spent seventeen years of her early life in Europe she had a rather un-Mexican objectivity about her native land and had a reputation for being one of its more attractive detractors. At the same time, Elena was considered emotionally committed to many aspects of Mexican life and made an important contribution to its artistic development. In the 1960s, Elena became a significant writer...(writing plays with) appreciative audiences in Europe, where they were translated into German, as well as in Mexico...Many people who knew Elena asserted that the frontier between reality and fantasy is also difficult for her to distinguish in real life...Ms. Garro (fled) the country with her daughter Elenita and her sister, Deba Guerrero...(during) the student strikes (note: prior to the 1968 Olympics)." Garro went into hiding after 11/22/63 at the urging of Calvillo/LICHANT-1. "Elena said she trusted and believed Calvillo because he was a known agent of the Gobernacion..." Pages 4-9: Elena Garro's story about seeing Oswald at a "twist party" at a party of Ruben Duran's (and later, that Oswald and Silvia Duran had an affair) first came to the authorities on 10/5/64, via the supposed "American Communist" - CIA agent June Cobb/LICOOKY-1. (see 104-10016-10031) Pages 15-16: Cobb spent several days at Garro's home, and urged the Garros to visit Texas & tell their story about Oswald. A meeting with the CIA Station Chief did not happen - Cobb was asked to leave the Garro home for allegedly "kicking Elena's cat". Also see Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics, p. 123. Calvillo, a friend of president Diaz Ordaz, allegedly hid Elena Garro for a week after 11/22/63. This may have been done to cast the killing of JFK as a "communist conspiracy" (Note: In days after 11/22/63, Elena and her daughter picketed the Cuban embassy in Mexico City, calling the Cubans "murderers" of her beloved JFK).

1994.05.31.13:07:52:000005: Reel 7, Folder Q - ELENA GARRO DE PAZ

6/2/66 profile on Elena Garro (201-800405) prepared for HQ by LICOOKY/1 June Cobb: "A certain part of the interest is Elena Garro will always be due to her identification with her ex-husband Octavio Paz, present Mexican ambassador to India, who is 'a annually mentioned as a candidate for the Nobel Prize'...her history, AS SHE TELLS IT, could be synopsized as follows. Elena Garro was one of four children (three daughters and one son) born to a distinguished Spanish immigrant, who, along with his equally distinguished brother, retained all the fine characteristics of their Asturian heritage, although they lived out the latter part of their lives in Mexico. The mother belonged to a family of opportunists. The two Asturians were scholars of ancient history and ancient languages, as well as students of the occult sciences and vegetarians. They were frequently visited by great yogis and other occultists from around the world...In Mexico, Elena had been an impassioned sympathizer of the Republican cause...Octavio and Elena had an opportunity to witness and learn more about the treachery of the Spanish Communist Party and to befriend the POUM and Anarquista leaders...When (Elena and her daughter) met ex-Nazi general and prominent novelist-essayist Ernst Junger a few years ago, they met their true soulmate, entered into a close relationship with him, plan to go live in Germany..."(after more, this initial portion of Cobb's memo ends with "End of Synopsis of Elena's Own Story.")

1994.05.31.13:07:52:000005: Reel 7, Folder Q - ELENA GARRO DE PAZ

Second portion of June Cobb's memo: "On a number of occasions Elena (Garro) has solemnly defended Mexican peasants involved in conflicts with politicians and big landowners. Her own accounts of these adventures invariably include scenes in which she narrowly escapes assassination in reprisal for her role...Elena's stories of her own hairbreadth rescues are a little suspicious, if for no other reason, because she solemnly declares that her mother-in-law Mrs. Paz has repeatedly tried to poison the two Elenas. (Note: Elena and her daughter Elena) These stories give details of emergency surgery to remove splinters of glass, the discovery of rat poison sprinkled in the sugar, etc...Here in Mexico Elena (Garro) seems genuinely fond of...(among other personalities)...Manuel Calvillo, poet, onetime secretary of Colegio de Mexico... She idolizes the Kennedy family. When Kennedy was assassinated, she and her daughter Elena Paz stormed into the Cuban Embassy in Mexico and accused the Cubans of responsibility for the assassination. Her story of Mexican Communists being involved in Cuban sponsorship of Lee Oswald is a rather well known 'secret' among Mexico City intellectuals. Elena's emotional imbalance is well revealed by the infantile pranks to which she sometimes resorts...(note: setting up fake dirty phone calls)...Seldom does a day pass without her 'discovering' some act of malice or persecution directed against herself or her daughter - sometimes even an alleged act of vandalism by the little nephew Jesda, who allegedly will have deliberately broken Elena Paz's glasses, deliberately have shattered some Meissen porcelain, deliberately have thrown away some important clippings, or deliberately have put the water heater out of order. To feel surrounded by evil or by enemies seems to be natural to her.

1994.05.31.13:07:52:000005: Reel 7, Folder Q - ELENA GARRO DE PAZ

She has a changing priority list of people she currently hates. From time-to-time she does a hard-to-understand somersault and begins to associate with or collaborate with one of these enemies...One of her consistent hates is hatred of the Jews...With regard to Negroes, she also has a white supremacy attitude and even expresses contempt for the Indian race, despite her activities in favor of individual Indian underdogs. On Columbus Day she says black crepe should be hung on the door to lament the day the Spaniards made the disastrous mistake of discovering the New World...Elena makes a particular point of praising the Diaz Ordaz/(LITEMPO-2) regime. During Lopez Mateos/(LITENSOR)'s regime, to the contrary, she spoke in whispers about Lopez Mateos' dreadful political committments...she seems sincerely attracted to the United States, not only politically but otherwise...In one matter after another in Elena Garro's personal life...a basic discrepancy arises when her own version is compared against that of another interested party. The very convincing and damning stories she tells about her temporary or permanent enemies also characteristically clash with other testimony available. In other words, she is very possibly a real case of mitomania." Marginalia - this word next to this word is (Definition of mitomania is "the compulsive urge to lie about matters big and small, regardless of the situation." The memo is followed by a "201 Personality File Action Request" for Elena Garro, 201-800405, to the RID/201 Section.

104-10263-10039: DISPATCH: ELENA GARRO DE PAZ (201

6/24/66: This unredacted-version of the cover memo provides the proof that the above profile of Elena Garro de Paz was written by LICOOKY-1/June Cobb. The author of the memo is "Julie G. Pinefinch" - either June or someone who was associated with her, as Cobb used the pseudonym "Joyce Pineinch".

"Lopez Report" p.232: Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City (aka "Lopez Report")

Regarding the attempt to locate and interview Calvillo: "The Committee believes that there is a possibility that a U.S. Goverment agency requested the Mexican government to refrain from aiding the Committee with this aspect of its work."


Personal working notes of Rodger Gabrielson - compiling notes from Lopez report: "CIA Declined to Aid - The Committee next asked the Central Intelligence Agency to arrange interviews with LICHANT-1 (Manuel Calvillo), LICOOKY-1 (June Cobb), who may have had information related to Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City. The CIA declined to aid the Committee in this aspect of the investigation. The Committee returned to Mexico City on August 7, 1978 and attempted to locate June Cobb Sharp and Manuel Calvillo on its own."

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