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Cryptonym: LCHARVEST

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LCHARVEST (TPFAST, TPTERRY, VLVIGOR) involved operations against Peoples Republic of China (PRC) scientists and efforts to monitor PRC state technology.

National Archives, Research Aids: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files https://www.archives.gov/iwg/declassified-records/rg-263-cia-records/second-release-lexicon.pdf

LCHARVEST (TPFAST, TPTERRY, VLVIGOR) involved operations against Peoples Republic of China (PRC) scientists and efforts to monitor PRC state technology.


10/1/63 cable with a KAPOK/LCHARVEST slugline, sent from Mexico City to HQ: "IDEN is Mr. REDACTED, an American citizen." Another copy of the document identifies him as a hotel manager. http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55348&search=6346#relPageId=86&tab=page

104-10111-10008: PROJECT (DELETION)

10/14/60 memo from Deputy Director of Security to Acting Chief, CI Staff: Project LCHARVEST was what David Christ and his colleagues were engaged in at the time of their arrest by the Cuban government. Their goal was to obtain more audio intelligence on the Chinese in Cuba.


5/27/63 cable from REDACTED/WH/3/MEXI to Mexico City: "Pouching fair guidance materials and 334 copies 'General Tonto'. Chicom trade brochures requested from Hong Kong will be forwarded upon receipt...Headquarters believes if Station plans harassment Chicoms fair on more subtle approach, stench and itching devices would be counter-productive." Chief of Station comment: "Re Station plans for harassment Chinese."

104-10067-10403: LIST OF DOCUMENTS

Between November 7-12, 1963, several documents are included in a CIA-created list of Oswald-related documents. Uncertain why these documents are included, other than story that Eugene Dinkin gave some kind of warning about the assassination during his assignment in Western Europe. To summarize the statements on the list: CIA cable from Bern, Switzerland forwards info on Eugene Dinkin; CIA cable from Berlin, West Germany, forwards info on Michael K. Bowers; LCHARVEST - CIA cable from Berlin, West Germany; CIA cable from Bern, Switzerland, forwarding info on possibility someone using name of Michael K. Bowers; cable from Bern, Switzerland, forwarding info that Eugene Dinkin returned to military custody.

Oswald 201 File, Vol 1, Folder 2

11/8/63 CIA cable from Bern, FOIA 20-532: Unredacted portion states "Chief of Station comment: Requested check whether Bowers actually assigned USASA Berlin and whether present Suiise on leave." The response was: "Bowers is assigned USASA Berlin. Is on duty at present. No leave presently at all."

104-10436-10030: CABLE RE STOC 4265 - 1. PLS CONTACT H/2 2. NO INDEX

11/8/63 CIA cable from Bern, FOIA 21-533: slugline LCHARVEST ()WAY KOBIRD: "Pls contact ()-2. No index."

1994.04.13.14:58:27:500005: Reel 44, Folder J - LEE HARVEY OSWALD SOFT FILE.

(CIA) teletype 85770, dated 29 November 1963, filed at 1556 hours to the White House, State Department and FBI, with copy to the Secret Service: "Around 26 November 1963, after President Kennedy had been assassinated, a Geneva journalist named Alex des Fontaines, stringer for Time-Life and correspondent for Radio Canada, was reported to be filing a story to the Paris office of Time-Life recounting Private Dinkin's visit to Geneva and quoting Dinkin as stating that they were plotting against President Kennedy and that 'something' would happen in Texas. Des Fontaines had been prompted to do this by an unidentified female reporter who had recalled such statements by Dinkin, des Fontaines thought he recalled he had heard Dinkin say something like that also and although he did not really believe Dinkin had grounds for his statements when he made them, he filed the story just to be sure. All aspects of this story were known, as reported above, by US military authorities and had been reported by military attache cable through military channels."

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