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Cryptonym: LC

A program or operation designed to separate truth from falsity.
LCFLUTTER is the program of conducting polygraph tests to try to separate true and false responses to questioning. LCHARVEST (TPFAST, TPTERRY, VLVIGOR) involved operations against Peoples Republic of China (PRC) scientists and efforts to monitor PRC state technology. The speculation is that the LCHARVEST aspect of these operations was designed to find out what was really going on - again, to separate truth from falsity. At that time, China operated under a blanket of official secrecy. LCIMPROVE involved counterintelligence against the Soviet Union, worldwide. Separating truth from falsity - or protecting truth with a bodyguard of lies - is one of the tasks of counterintelligence programs

LCCASSOCK Review, 1956: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/LCCASSOCK%20BASIC%20PAPERS%20AND%20FINANCIAL%20%20%20VOL.%202_0029.pdf

10/19/56: "LCCASSOCK is a psychological warfare project which until recently prepared, printed and distributed falsified editions of official (REDACTED - probably East German) publications...the object of this project is to promote the spirit of resistance of the (REDACTED) population by providing highly specialized propaganda material which can be tailored to attract specific target groups not generally accessible to Western propaganda."

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