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Cryptonym: KUGOWN

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Psychological and Paramilitary Staff. Related to Operation KUGOWN, a propaganda effort designed to inform on the extent communism had infiltrated Guatemala following the 1954 overthrow. KUGOWN was later changed to KUWOLF.

Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts, p. 36

KUGOWN is defined as "CIA Psychological and Paramilitary Operations Staff". https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-fnv36Q98jYtxh5D0/Research Aid %5BCryptonyms And Terms In Declassified CIA Files%5D#page/n35/mode/2up


10/25/54 KUGOWN report on effort to "exploit the recent appearance of Dr. Emilio Nunez Portunado as a guest speaker on Amourette-A's radio program. Nunez was identified as 201-45667.


9/29/54 KUGOWN report showed Nunez accepting "honorary membership" into AMOURETTE-A.

PBHISTORY - KUGOWN EXPLOITATION PBHISTORY DOCUMENT # 2091 (W/ATTACHMENTS): http://www.foia.cia.gov/document/0000920063

9/24/54 memo with attached letter with strong emotional content. To be used for exploitational purposes. Strongly recommended that the letter be given to the prominent preacher, Rev. Billy Graham.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: 89. 1/30/54-Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the CIA Stations in Guatemala and [place not declassified]

1/30/54: "Following is KUGOWN guidance for immediate use amplifying reference in connection with WSBURNT government White Paper...(According to a 1/30/54 New York Times article, the Guatemalan government charged in a "White Paper" that it had learned of a heavily-financed plot involving Nicaraguan President Somoza plus the governments of El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela to overthrow the Arbenz regime.): Ridicule...WSBURNT govt cries wolf too often. De-emphasis:...If possible, fabricate big human interest story, like flying saucers, birth sextuplets in remote area to take play away...Diversionary:...Paper covers up for domestic terror in WSBURNT...Positive stand:...Resistance thrives on repression, as did Christianity."

Bill Simpich

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