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Cryptonym: JMZIP

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Latin American Division routing indicator.

104-10079-10049: SUBJECT CARD FILE

#4 in the subject card file retained by HSCA staffers states "JMZIP". Compare it to #4 in the HSCA's black notebook, stating: "LA (Latin American) Division routing indicator". http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=73010#relPageId=3&tab=page


12/21/60: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: ACTION: BELL 13 (E. BRISCOE, WH, ISSUED TEMPO COPY 1305 21 DEC): JMZIP/COLT: "1. Request authority mount OPN COLT: A. M.D.C. through AMPALM-5 (Jose Ignacio Agusto Rasco Bermudez). B. Marna 27 ft glass hulled crestline, 25 knots, 500 mile range. Owned Juan A. Mesa Rodriguez, U.S. CIT, 12 Nov 17, Cardenas, Cuba. Crew: Owner and four Cubans under Capt Dake E. Ruiz Coma, 16 Jan 21, Carbarien, Cuba. C. Unidentified. D. Indefinite time 22 or 23 Dec. Will advise. E. May be boat rendezvous or beach landing Cayo Fragoso in 22 Dec 45 min...F. Will advise. G. Will advise. H. 50 MI w/4000 RD and 30 heat grenades, 20 Thompson SMG w/4000 RDS...J. RADTEL w/open code. Emergency only. 2. Weather delays provided for through use Radio Swan nightly program titled Hora de la Unidad Revolucionario. Prearranged announcement indicates OPN will be run following day."

104-10172-10441: CABLE: TEJANA DEPARTED KEY WEST 290104Z

3/29/61 cable from JMWAVE to BELL: "Tejana departed Key West...Felix Rodriguez who infiltrated via Operation Sandra III will infiltrate with cargo. Cargo consisted of following: 300 M-1 rifles, 100 carbines, 100 pistols, 4 recoilless rifles, 5 RARs, 5 long caliber 38 and 5 mortar 60 mm with basic load ammo; 200 pounds (of) demolition and equipment; 400 fragmentation grenades, 100 incendiary grenades..."

Bill Simpich

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