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Cryptonym: JMTRAX

Base in Guatemala to train the soldiers for the Bay of Pigs.

Alejandro de Quesada, The Bay of Pigs, Cuba 1961: https://clubamistadcubausa.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/the-bay-of-pigs-cuba-1961-ed-2009.pdf

"When the CIA decided that it was time to get some safely distant foreign bases to complete the training of the Brigade's soldiers and pilots, Guatemala - with a friendly government and a similar tropical environment to Cuba - was again the solution. The CIA negotiated the establishment of two secret bases, one for training the Brigade's soldiers (codenamed "JMTRAX") and the other its aircrews ("JMMADD"). JMTRAX was located on the La Helvetia coffee plantation in the foothills between Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu Departments; at first the Cuban pilots were also located there while their base was constructed, but two weeks later they moved to JMMADD (known to the Cubans as 'Rayo Base').

FBI Cuba 109-12-210 - Volume 59 - Serials 2995-3037

A Federal Bureau of Investigation report details the "TRAX BASE" was training units in Guatemala for a Cuban invasion with American weapons. "This recruit advised...they were transferred from the air base near Retalhuleu to some place in Nicaragua. The transfer from Trax to Retalhuleu was made by truck during the day." These details and location would support JMTRAX was a base for anti-Cuban operations in Guatemala supported by the CIA.


Bay of Pigs prisoner Edgardo Antonio Buttari told the CIA during a debriefing report that some members of Brigade 2506 "remained at Trax Base for combat infantry training." Buttari extensively details the leadership and composition of three battalions trained in airborne battle, armored combat, heavy weapons fighting.

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