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Cryptonym: JMTEAK

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Jose Alberto Cardoza Aguilar, exiled Guatemalan Communist (with the PGT party) living in Mexico City with fellow exile Jose Luis Balcarcel Ordonez - the latter was a contact of June Cobb/LICOOKY-1 in October 1963.
Cardoza was 201-042366. His fellow exile Balcarcel was 201-160430. See 104-10176-10222, p. 17 for a list of related 201 biographical numbers, including Coty Solorzano (201-072176) and Bernardo Alvarado Monzon (201-065125).


10/21/63 memo, HMMA-22335, from Chief, Mexico City to Chief, Guatemala re LICOOKY-1 interview with JMTEAK's PGT colleague Jose Luis Balcarcel Ordonez. She reported "LICOOKY-1 has seen Balcarcel several times during recent weeks. Based on comments made by him, she believes he is financially desperate and somewhat disillusioned by Communism; however, she doubts that he could be recruited."


10/22/68 Mexico City cable to Director, slugline REDCOAT MHIGLOO: "At home of Jorge Alberto Cardoza Aguilar evening 18 October 68, LIREBEL-2 received following info directly from Cardoza: Jose Luis Balcarcel Ordonez and Jorge Alberto Cardoza Aguilar are Guatemalan Communists in Mexico who have direct contact with Soviets in Mexico to handle travel of Guatemalans to Soviet Union and for receipt of money from Soviets. Their contact is Nikolay Sergeyevich Leonov (201-132139), press attache who lives at Mazatlan 206 (press office)."

104-10176-10222: LIRING-3

2/23/69: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: LIRING/JMTEAK/Humberto Gonzalez Vega: Eustace D. Kloock signed this dispatch. Originating Officer: J. C. (Unintelligible), WH/2/CI. Coordinating Officers: (Signature), WH/C/G (?). (Signature), AC/WH/C. Releasing Officer: Walter J. Kaufman, C/WH/1.


5/6/69 memo from Chief of WH Division to Chief, Mexico City and another chief whose division is redacted, re Jose Alberto Cardoza Aguilar - with the handwritten notation JMTEAK: "Attached...is a Guatemalan Personality Report (GPR) for Jose Alberto Cardoza Aguilar (201-042366). The GPR covers his activities up to March 25, 1968..." page 96: 201-023466 is given on his GPR, rather than 201-042366. Is this a typo? Or some kind of game? Page 103: Cardoza used a "fraudulent passport" to travel to the USSR during Sept. 1961. Page 102: Cardoza used fraudulent documents to travel in 1967. Page 112: "As of October 18, 1968, he and Jose Luis Balcarcel Ordonez are handling travel of Guatemalans to the USSR..." Pages 133-134: Their USSR liaison in 1968 was Nikolai Leonov. The intelligence officers who received this information: Thomas L. Hughes for State; General Carroll for DIA; General McChristian for ACSI; Admiral Harlfinger for Navy ACNO (Intel); General Thomas for Air Force AFSIN; General Carter for NSA; and Sam Papich for FBI.

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