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Cryptonym: JMOCEAN

CIA created commercial organization. Probably intended to particularly cover employees of JMWAVE. Emilio Americo Rodriguez (AMIRE-1/Peter Digerveno), Grayston L. Lynch and James Wilcott were employed under JMOCEAN cover.
A dispatch in May of 1966 stated that James Wilcott, while at JMWAVE, was under the cover of JMOCEAN. In addition, a CIA document in September of 1968, on Robert K. Brown, during the Garrison investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy, mentioned a dispatch in July, 1968, from the Chief of Station (COS) JMWAVE. This dispatch concerned Robert K. Brown, and the recent inquires into JMOCEAN. It added that "precautions were taken to protect the status of present and former JMWAVE members as a result."


05/05/66: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH (Info: Chief, KUVEST): "1. Wilcott arrived PCS at JMWAVE on 26 April 1965 and submitted his resignation at JMWAVE from KUBARK (CIA) to be effective cob 15 April 1966. While at JMWAVE Subject was under the cover of JMOCEAN. 2. (REDACTION) resigned in order to seek employment in private industry. A resume of his KUBARK employment is as follows:...e. 26 Apr 65 to 15 Apr 66 - JMOCEAN..."

104-10180-10210: [RESTRICTED]

10/03/67: Memorandum from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division, William V. Broe to Central Cover Staff/Non-Official: Subject: Non-Official Cover Request for Peter J. Di Gerveno (p): "1. Approval for non-official cover for Peter J. Di Gerveno (p) (former AMIRE-1) is requested. This Career Agent has been employed under the same pseudonym since July 1961. During the period June 1960 through July 1961, he carried the cryptonym AMIRE-1. Central Cover Staff has not been requested to develop non-official cover for this agent before..." - - - Page 4: ..."4. Subject was a legitimate businessman in Havana, Cuba, from 1954 through July 1961. He was the general manager of a Havana District Sales Office which represented several US firms (Appleton Electric Co., Century Electric, Hubbard Aluminium Products, Okonite Company) in Cuba. In the ensuing period from July 1961 to the present, Subject has been employed by a CIA-created commercial organization (JMOCEAN), during which time it might be presumed that Subject acquired additional commercial expertise. Subject's salary has ranged from $10,000 (in Cuba) to $13,769 (currently)..."

104-10224-10000: LYNCH, GRAYSON L., OP.

01/22/68: Field Reassignment Questinonaire: "Name of Employee: Grayston L. Lynch...To be Completed by Employee...5. Crypt for Current Cover: JMOCEAN..."

104-10106-10645: ROBERT KENNETH BROWN

09/19/68: CIA document: Page 2: ..."A dispatch from COS/JMWAVE dated 26 July 1968 concerned the agitation caused by Robert K. Brown during recent inquires into JMOCEAN. Precautions were taken to protect the status of present and former JMWAVE members as a result..."

Gavin McDonald

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