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Cryptonym: JMMOVE

The Belle Chasse Louisiana Ammunition Dump. A CIA controlled training camp from Feb-April 1961 used for special explosives and underwater training for Cuban exiles involved in the Bay of Pigs landing.
JMMOVE only lasted from Feb.-May 1961: https://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147377#relPageId=3&tab=page JMMOVE should not be confused with an MDC camp in Lacombe, Louisiana set up by Frank Sturgis and Gerry Hemming in 1962 and operated by Laureano Batista and Victor Paneque in the summer of 1963. Jim Garrison alleged that this was run by an amorphous group with CIA sanction called the "Free Cuba Committee", raided by the FBI on 7/31/63: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=42768&relPageId=14&search=%22lake-1%22 In the same interview, Garrison referred to the group as the "Freedom for Cuba Committee", with Minutemen participating alongside anti-Castro exiles: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=104533&search=Kilgallen_AND+orleans#relPageId=204&tab=page Hemming's camp was a separate operation from JMMOVE's 1961 operation, which was run by Nino Diaz at the Algiers ammunition dump (also known as Belle Chasse). See 104-10117-10137. Gilbert Strickler was the chief of base. 104-10435-10014. William Royer of the US Army Element Composite Operations Group had 140-200 Cubans training there in underwater demolition: 124-10369-10229, p. 16. The initial mission of the base was to train 30 men - that increased to 149 men during its short history. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32105594.pdf Phillips wrote a Belle Chasse memo in 1967, he had it at 300 men: https://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=8308&search="300_cubans+were+trained"#relPageId=2&tab=page


This base in the New Orleans area was used from February-May 1961 by the CIA as a Cuban training camp. During the same period underwater demolitions training was conducted at Ship Island in the Gulf of Mexico, and "a safe site was located in Pass Christian, Mississippi for a short time." This camp at the Algiers ammunition dump was run by Nino Diaz (AMNORM-1), who moved to Miami when his force was unable to land in Cuba during the Bay of Pigs. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=2811&search=%22truth_about+cuba+committee%22#relPageId=4&tab=page This is the site and operation that was run directly by the CIA (and known as JMMOVE). Grayston Lynch discusses this in 1977: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=111943&search=BOSCH#relPageId=7&tab=page

178-10004-10424: [RESTRICTED]

5/1/75 Memorandum for the Record re Alleged Illegal Domestic Activities: The Belle Chasse Louisiana Ammunition Depot is subcaptioned as Operation JMMOVE. Office of Security Number 536 198. (at pp. 14-15): "This training base...during the period 12 February 1961 through 12 April 1961. This base located eight miles from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, had been inactive for five years...the initial mission assigned to the Base was to hold, condition, and conduct limited training for thirty men organized into small infiltration teams, and to prepare these teams for operational employment. On activation of the Base, the mission was immediately expanded to include the reception and training of 149 men for organization into small guerrilla teams; reorganization and training of the 149 men...training of raider teams...development of necessary support facilities..."

Larry Hancock. Somebody Would Have Talked, p. 361.

After training in Guatemala, Victor Hernandez and others were brought back for special advanced training at the Belle Chasse camp in Louisiana. David Phillips later wrote about it. See 104-10435-10014.


3/22/61 status report from Chief of Base JMWAVE to Chief, WH. Victor Espinosa (AMHINT-24) and many other named individuals moved from JMMOVE to JMWAVE for R&R.


4/2/61 memo "re disposition of AMHAZE agents upon completion ship and island training". These transfers from "JMMOVE location number 8...desire engage in raider ops with Miguel Orozco leader of group...reluctant join either AMBIDDY-1 (Artime) or AMNORM (Nino Diaz)."


4/9/61 report of phone conversation between AMNORM-1 (Nino Diaz) at JMMOVE and Miro Cardona (AMBUD-1) in New York City. AMORM-1 reported all were in good health and high spirits except for two men that were ill and one with appendicitis.


http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=43196&relPageId=2 JMWAVE memo, 12/30/67: "Old hands at the station confirm JMMOVE was the only Agency sponsored training camp." States that MDC camp was 15 miles away from New Orleans, right after long bridge at entrance to Louisiana, with millionaires funding the camp. In a taped interview, CARLOS QUIROGA told Jim Garrison in 1967 that Victor Manuel Paneque y Batista (201-286382) was "in charge of a CIA training camp conducted for Cubans from Miami in Lacombe, LA". http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=101677&relPageId=12 12/30/67 memo is from the 100-300-017 file.

Warren Hinckle and William Turner, Deadly Secrets (Thunder's Mouth Press, 1992) pp. 226-227..

"The camp had been set up a year earlier by Gerry Hemming and Frank Sturgis at the request of the New Orleans branch of the CRC. At the time of the FBI raid Sturgis' training camp was occupied by the MDC under the guise of training security guards for a lumber mill in Guatemala. But the MDC military chief, Laureano Batista, later admitted to the New Orleans district attorney that the trainees actually were destined, with the approval of General Somoza, for the CIA-supported naval guerilla base of Manuel Artime in Guatemala (note: AMWORLD). The camp was used by various groups of the exile far right - the DRE, 30th of November Movement, and MIRR - all of which huddled around the wing of Paulino Sierra's short-lived, mob-connected provisional government...(in 1963) Orlando Bosch (and his MIRR) combined his operations with Frank Sturgis' International Anti-Communist Brigade...which resulted in 11 air strikes against Cuba, beginning on April 25." Bill Stuckey wrote in 1962 about Hemming setting up the base: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=2811&search=%22truth_about+cuba+committee%22#relPageId=3&tab=page The CIA took note of Stuckey's article: Domestic Contact Division wrote Personnel Security Division - Office of Security on 8/3/62 and described it as an "anti-Castro base near Covington". http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=2659#relPageId=3&tab=page


10/4/63: Information received on 8/10/63 states that MRR is forming a new brigade in Miami led by recruitment chief Manuel Guillot de la Serna. Guillot estimated having recruited 300 to date. A field comment from late July added that bases were being established in Nicaragua and adds "after the recruits are accepted, they are sent to New Orleans."


Report of FBI agent James J. O'Connor, 5/8/64: "...On 9/1/63, the (CIA advised that) the MDC had caught (Fernando) Fernandez writing to Carlos Lechuga, a Cuban governmental official, while in training with the MDC at a camp near New Orleans, Louisiana, and offering to betray the MDC. Fernandez became disillusioned with the MDC and came up with a plan to trade information with the Castro government in exchange for asylum. (page 16) In July 1963, he joined 18 men at the camp for commando training. (pp. 16-17) On 9/1/63, he was confronted by MDC leader Laureano Batista and others and told they could impose the death sentence on him. He confessed to being a Castro intelligence agent even though he said it was not true. (page 18) Fernandez advised (that the training camp of the MDC) was on a farm believed known as the Gus Labar Walhend, about 30 miles north of New Orleans". Gaeton Fonzi wrote for the HSCA that Gus de LaBarre right-wing New Orleans businessman, formed a lumber company with the intention to train Cubans in Lacombe, Louisiana in 1963, led by Victor Paneque. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1212#relPageId=76&tab=page

1994.05.06.08:43:35:150005: Reel 25, Folder C - GARRISON INVESTIGATION - VOL I.

FBI reports of May & July 1964: Richard Davis of the MDC in New Orleans told the FBI that Batista sent the men from Miami after he let be known that he needed men to work at the lumber company near Lacombe. Besides Victor Paneque, the other men included Leodorino Interlan, Fernando Fernandez and FNU Fornes. FBI broke up the camp when they found dynamite. He said the training camp was at the De La Barre Estate in Lacombe. Carlos Quiroga reported that Davis told him that Fernandez was a Communist spy, and that John Birch Society members were the Americans that were supporting them in their work in New Orleans.

1994.04.28.14:57:28:100005: Reel 8, Folder F - GERALD PATRICK HEMMING

In 1967, the CIA concluded that Carlos Quiroga may have been a Cuban intelligence penetration of the anti-Castro forces (p. 14)...that Oswald might have had a meeting in Mexico City with a CIA officer using the alias of Bill Medina (p. 17)...the CIA claimed it had not relationship with "any training camp on or near Lake Pontchartrain". (p. 25)...that Gerry Hemming has his own file within 100-300-017 (p. 71)...

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