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Cryptonym: JMGIN

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Cuban travel surveillance activities

104-10097-10213: CUBAN TRAVEL

11/14/63 memo from Mexico City to Director. Slugline JMGIN LIFIRE. Reference to LIFIRE lists as source, and persons "with good access to travel information". Subject is "Cuban travel".


In 1977, an unnamed CIA officer (the context indicates the author was probably Anne Goodpasture) writes: "The Mexico Station surveillance of Cubana flights in 1963 consisted of a unilateral group (LIFIRE) and two separate groups (LITEMPO and LIENVOY) handled jointly with the Mexican Government. "LIFIRE...sources observed arrivals and departures of Cubana flights. They reported any unusual instances and provided copies of the flight manifests. This travel was routinely reported to Washington by cable (JMGIN Cuban travel). A copy of the manifests were sent later by dispatch to Washington with the same reporting crypt...LIENVOY was a telephone tap operation against the Cuban Embassy and provided transcripts of conversations with the Cubana office and the Mexican Airport control office...A review of the transcripts for the Commercial Office of the Cuban Embassy for late 1963 indicates that they were shipping large quantities of automobile parts, foods and medicines from Mexico City to Havana via Cubana airlines..."

104-10527-10219: CABLE: CUBAN SUBVERSIVE EFFORTS LATIN AMERICA...Also see 104-10077-10163

11/27/63 cable DIR 85577 from WH/CA/PROP William Kent x5006 to PRIORITY 19 stations: "1. Major news break by (Venezuelan) government expected momentarily giving hard evidence Cuban subversive efforts Latin America. 2. Overt background to story is one Sov large arms cache found on coast (of the) Paraguana Peninsula, Falcon state, consisting of automatic rifles, submachine guns, recoilless rifles, mortars, bazookas, demolition charges, ammo. 3. Venezuelan government communique believe will contain indisputable proof (of) Cuban origin of arms cache. As soon as announcement made by Venezuelan government request Caracas coordinate with QKFLOWAGE/USIA and cable details and quotes to all addees (note: addressees) for immediate exploitation. 4. Do not repeat do not desire any media play of paragraph 2 prior to notification from Caracas. When received, suggest tie in story to local scene, speculate as to means of transport from Cuba, additional undiscovered caches in Venezuela and other Latin American countries, etc. If feasible, urge national figures and groups make public statements of information over proven Cuban interference in internal affairs of democratic and popular Venezuelan government. In addee countries having Cuban diplomatic and Prensa Latin reps, desire promote public resentment and demands for ouster. When appropriate, question what steps taken by local government to prevent growth (of) guerilla-type organization. In follow up stories use recent inquiries by (Caracas) showing Castro equipped terrorists responsible for attacks against defenseless school children. 20 Nov Caracas Radio Continente(?) reported fire set to bus loaded with children from John XXIII National Technical Educational Institute. Same day terrorists placed two fire bombs along outside wall of nunnery? and high school in La Castellana area of Caracas. Exploitation of cache incident of highest priority and is in compliance JMGIN PSYCH requirements..."

Bill Simpich

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