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Cryptonym: JMGIN

Cuban travel surveillance activities

104-10097-10213: CUBAN TRAVEL

11/14/63 memo from Mexico City to Director. Slugline JMGIN LIFIRE. Reference to LIFIRE lists as source, and persons "with good access to travel information". Subject is "Cuban travel".


In 1977, an unnamed CIA officer (the context indicates the author was probably Anne Goodpasture) writes: "The Mexico Station surveillance of Cubana flights in 1963 consisted of a REDACTED group (LIFIRE) and two separate groups (LITEMPO and LIENVOY) handled REDACTED. "LIFIRE...sources observed arrivals and departures of Cubana flights. They reported any unusual instances and provided copies of the flight manifests. This travel was routinely reported to Washington by cable (JMGIN Cuban travel). A copy of the manifests were sent later by dispatch to Washington with the same reporting crypt...LIENVOY was a telephone tap operation against the Cuban Embassy and provided transcripts of conversations with the Cubana office and the Mexican Airport control office...A review of the transcripts for the Commercial Office of the Cuban Embassy for late 1963 indicates that they were shipping large quantities of automobile parts, foods and medicines from Mexico City to Havana via Cubana airlines.

Bill Simpich

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