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Cryptonym: JMFURY

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The airstrike designed to take out Castro's air force at the outset of the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume I: Air Operations, March 1960 - April 1961 Current Section: A. D minus 2 (15 April 1961)

JMFURY is defined in this document as "a planned defector operation" that would commence the Bay of Pigs invasion. "At or about (3 pm EST), on Friday 14 April (1961), a Cuban pilot, selected from the group now on alert in TIDE (the Nicaraguan strike base for the Bay of Pigs), will depart TIDE in a specially prepared B-26 for a point 15-20 miles off the coast of Cuba. He will arrive at this point, at or about 610 (local). He will then fly to Miami International Airport. Time of arrival will be at or about 740 (local). He will send a "MAY DAY" distress signal while off the Florida coast and inform US authorities that he has defected from the Cubanm Air Force, is having engine trouble, must land in Miami, and requests asylum. The US Customs and Naturalization Service will take him in hand after landing. The pilot will inform these authorities that he defected from the San Antonio de los Banos airbase; that he had, before leaving the area, attacked this base; that two colleagues had also defected (from Campo Libertad base), and had attacked other Cuban air bases...Both pilot and aircraft were to be reamed, steamed, dry cleaned, sterilized and sanitized in order to make it appear that a legitimate defection from Castro's Cuba had occurred. The aircraft itself was to be repainted identically to the B-26s of the FAR (Fuerza Aerea Revolucionaria), and it was also to be given a tail number identical to one of those used on a particular Castro B-26 which was known to be inactive at the time. The pilot would be chosen on the basis of...DPD's extensive period of work with these pilots. Once the plane landed in Miami, David Phillips, Chief, WH/4 propaganda, was to call the base and tell them that he had received a report that a Cuban military aircraft had landed somewhere in the Miami area and asked the base personnel to check out this lead and to get the full press coverage of the incident."

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