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Cryptonym: JMARC

WH/4 Bay of Pigs Project before December 1960 (later JMATE).
JMARC was the crypt used for the Bay of Pigs project until its compromise, after which the project used JMATE.

There are many references to JMARC and JMMATE in the official CIA Bay of Pigs history volumes.

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume III: Evolution of CIA's Anti-Castro Policies, 1959 - January 1961

A footnote on page 46 of Volume 3 of the CIA's Bay of Pigs history states: "The crypt for the WH/4 anti-Castro operation was initially JMARC. Following compromise of this crypt, the project became JMATE (sometime in the period between 6-13 December 1960)."

104-10310-10020: FILE:DDCI DOCUMENTS

JMARC Counterintelligence Plan: Have one senior CI officer and four operations officers, as well as five analysts and secretarial staff. The four staff representatives were Victor Wallen, Birch O'Neil, and two names redacted. Chief, SID, CI staff would coordinate with Deputy Chief for penetration and double agent operations. Deputy Chief, ICD, CI staff had action responsibility for penetration of Cuban Communist Party. Victor Wallen, Operations Division, CI Staff: Responsibility for collecting records and studies on Cuban Intelligence and Security Services. (Initial requirements drawn up for Ernie Sparks use.) Deputy Chief, ICG: Responsibility for collecting records and studies on Cuban Communist Party...To implement the plan for an FRD Security Service, BENDER-CARR representatives in Mexico City, Miami, Washington and New York will be briefed on the plan...(candidates) will be trained on-the-job by an Chilean ex-police officer who will be recommended to the FRD by the BENDER-CARR group. (p. 54 of 71).

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