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Cryptonym: HUMAP-9

Lt. Colonel Fernando FIguls Quiros, head of Costa Rica's Security Agency and aide to the President.

180-10145-10210: [No Title]

Lt. Colonel Fernando FIguls Quiros is identified in a CIA response to HSCA researchers as HUMAP-9.

124-10214-10371: [No Title]

October 1963: Since that date, Ray and other anti-Castro Cubans had been training in Costa Rica, "reportedly for infiltration and sabotage and not for invasion". Figuls was the source of this information. He is identified as the head of Costa Rica's Security Agency and aide to the President.

124-10219-10166: [No Title]

On 3/3/64, Figuls stated that Veko Stacky (aka Ludwig Stacky) "is a very rich individual who is friendly with the President of Costa Rica and is head of the anticommunist movement. He said that anti-Castro Cubans are training on his land and also on the land of Teodoro Quiros. He said that this training was not for purposes of invasion but to prepare the men for infiltration and sabotage. He estimated there were one hundred men under training." Captain Araya said that the trainees were members of the MRR.

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