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Cryptonym: HBEPITOME

Officers Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs. Worked with the International Organizations Division, which later was folded into the Covert Action Division.

1994.04.12.15:47:41:690005: Reel 26, Folder E - DRE.

October 1961: "ORMEU is the co-ordinating organization of Latin American student movements with headquarters in Chile. It is backed by the Chilean Christian Democratic Party...(the leaders) have decided to include the DRE in all their plans despite its exile status and its US base. (When two of ORMEU's heads went to NYC to raise funds) the two of them contacted the Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs. Here IO enters the picture since this foundation is one of their funding mechanisms (SGGUESSER)...a note on the affiliations of the main student organizations: ISC (or COSEC) - free world; WAY - free world; IUS - communist; WDFY - communist; FEU (Havana) - Castroite and communist."


12/5/63: Discussion of the Latin American Study Seminar and the concern about it being held at an "unfriendly site". Also see 104-10101-10134 (duplicate). "Cordero should be assured continuing COSEC (FJHEARSAY) support literacy seminar and desire holding that event at earliest date convenient." Also see follow-up to this cable: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=28477&search=hbepitome#relPageId=2&tab=page


12/10/63, DIR 88294: "LIQUIFER-7 letter to Raymond N. Laffitte requests meeting 12 Dec to discuss L-7 future work MEXI professional and student field. Also says will meet Officers Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs (FYSA) and the Institute for International Youth Affairs (IIYA)...FYI L-7 has told Laffitte he interested presidency REDACTED which he would try (to) revitalize."

https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/SCHOLZ%2C ARNO VOL. 2_0136.pdf

7/28/66: Cable from Berlin Station to Director, slugline KEYWAY CADORY HBEPITOME: In response to "HQS has need for 1 to 3 time funding of South Vietnamese Group.", Berlin responded: "Agree ref suggestion and can ask Camlet if he willing act as funding channel as soon as Headquarters so directs. Suggest Director also consider one of REDACTED's firms, REDACTED bank, and REDACTED...believe REDACTED would be interested in building school dormitory through his new foundation but would want major contribution WOFACT/CIA funds."


8/19/66 cable: "Foundation established April 1965 with resources former ()foundation...believe foundation could be used as funding to mechanism SVN youth program." SVN is an apparent reference to South Vietnam.

104-10059-10026: Indications of the Scope and Possible Damage of New Allegations by Ramparts Magazine

When Ramparts uncovered the CIA funding student groups in 1967, the CIA wrote a memo saying that the FYSA funded and controlled a Manhattan organization as a "proprietary" from 1961-1966.

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