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Cryptonym: GTDANCER

People related to the JFK case.

104-10326-10092: [RESTRICTED]

November 1993: "Leonid Ryabchenya, deputy director of the Foreign Liaison Department, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVRR)...raised the name Oleg Nechiporenko, retired senior KGB official. As we know from press accounts, Nechiporenko's book, Passport to Assassination, which involves Nechiporenko's account of Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, is scheduled to be published in mid-November. Ryabchenya said that Nechiporenko is planning to travel to U.S. on book promotion tour. Ryabchenya is bringing the subject up in order to put on record that the SVRR has no connection to the book, its contents, or Nechiporenko's travel. Ryabchenya was adamant that the endeavor was '100% personal'."


July 1995, slugline WNINTEL RYBAT GTDANCER: "Please advise if Headquarters would like (the below) question raised with JYVAPOROUS. On 29 July 1995, Ambassador showed Assistant Chief of Station state cable giving him heads-up on official displeasure that JYVAPOROUS, uncooperative in sharing its files on Lee Harvey Oswald with (US government), made some of them available to Norman Mailer for his book, and suggesting that it may be time to ask again.

Bill Simpich

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