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Cryptonym: GPLOGIC

Lyndon B. Johnson

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968, Volume XXXII: Dominican Republic; Cuba; Haiti; Guyana Current Section: 249. 3/6/64 - Letter From the Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division of the CIA (FitzGerald) to the President's Special Assistant for National Secur

3/6/64: Desmond FitzGerald told McGeorge Bundy: "In my estimation, a covert program at this time designed to overthrow Castro is not realistic...The sabotage raids are conducted by Cuban exile groups trained in Florida and entirely subject to our planning and control." (A reference to Comandos Mambises)

Don Bohning, The Castro Obsession (Potomoc Books, 2005), pp. 248-252

Bohning writes: "FitzGerald's (3/6/64 letter, above) summed up the disappointing status of covert activities in the context of the program approved the preceding June..." In the wake of meetings on and around 4/7/64, there was "(no) evidence of any further CIA-controlled sabotage raids. Such raids were 'stood down' the previous January and apparently never resumed...Desmond FitzGerald's Special Affairs Staff, an independent unit handling Cuba at CIA headquarters, reverted back to being part of the Western Hemisphere Division in 1965. Shackley left Miami in mid-June 1965, after beginning the scale-down of what had been the frontline command post for the secret war."


Curtis/Mexico City COS Win Scott "at the request of the Chief, PBSWING, saw REDACTED to deliver an invitation to visit the home of GPLOGIC. Several other meetings were held between (Scott) and REDACTED prior to this trip."

104-10413-10054: Project Lifeat Renewal

In 1965, several branches of the CIA were reading the transcripts of a tap on a former employee of GPLOGIC who was communicating with a foreign officer.


Memorandum from JMWAVE to Director, 7/22/65: Lobbyist Irving Davidson connected with Cuban exiles working with OAS. The memo states that Davidson was acting on "orders from GPLOGIC" but not as active as before. Guillermo Belt Ramirez - former Cuban ambassador to US... leader of OAS group, said GPLOGIC had left word with him all was well, and that the question of Cubans in the Inter-American Force should be left for Rio conference.

124-10301-10034: No Title

This July 1965 memo shows Davidson still part of Cuban exile group going to the Dominican Republic as part of the OAS force. Davidson is still acting "on orders from Lyndon Johnson, but that Davidson is not as active as before." The plan is for Julio Aton Constanzo Palau to appoint Frank Fiorini, Claudio Medina, Colonel Carrasco (fnu), and Higinio "Nino" Diaz and others who have among them a total of 3000 men. "Represented in the group are Brigade 2506 and Cuban exile groups known as the Rebel Army, the Constitutional Army. and the Authenticos. These groups are to constitute a government in exile representation."

FBI 62-109060 JFK HQ File, Section 145, p. 127

11/1/67 memo from T. E. Bishop to Mr. DeLoach re interview with I. Irving Davidson and plans to "smear our President". Leonard Davidov, president of Securities Associates (a burglar alarm company) contacted Davidson about Hugh McDonald's "Eastern Group" - putting up a ton of money to "learn the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy...McDonald is currently engaged in some sort of business arrangement with Howard Hughes, the Las Vegas, Nevada, multimillionaire businessman, which concerns a sale of helicopters to law enforcment agencies. McDonald is alleged to know that President Lyndon B. Johnson had prior knowledge of the plans to assassinate President Kennedy and that one George de Mohrenschildt was part of this conspiracy and supposedly was instrumental in the training of Lee Harvey Oswald for the actual murder. Davidson claimed he advised Davidov to have nothing to do with any attempt to 'smear' President Johnson; however, he was unsuccessful because Davidov has been promised a share in the police helicopters business if he will help McDonald. Davidson said Davidov approached him for the purpose of learning about de Mohrenschildt's background...Hugh McDonald is undoubtedly identical with Hugh C. McDonald who retired on 1-17-67 as Chief of Detectives, LA County Sheriff's Office...it is strongly believed that (Davidson's) real motive is to obtain information on de Mohrenschildt and McDonald...(William Oltmans claims) that deMohrendschildt's brother Dimitri was a participant and possibly the second assassin who fired from the woods simultaneously with Oswald."

Bill Simpich

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