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Cryptonym: GP

Crypts related to JFK, including JFK's alleged assassin. Also used for government officials in the State Department.

180-10143-10091: 180-10143-10091

Notes of interview with CIA CI officer Russell Holmes during the HSCA investigation: "GP = pres. interest, JFK".

John Stockwell, In Search of Enemies (1977): http://www.cryptocomb.org/In%20Search%20of%20Enemies%20-%20A%20CIA%20Story%20-%20John%20Stockwell.pdf

At page 46: GP is the digraph for "state department principal officers, ambassadors and consul generals".


Highly useful finding aid of ARRB Joseph Freeman, senior analyst, this document was prepared for the ARRB research and analysis staff: Freeman approvingly cites the Stockwell definition above as the definition for "GP".


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