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Cryptonym: GOLIATH

Description of the CIA during late fifties and sixties, with perhaps an emphasis on its domestic intelligence activities.

104-10130-10328: Confirms Headquarters Telephonic Assignment to Your office on 17 May 1963

5/20/63 Memo: Boris Tarasoff receiving credit checks in order to find out "how widely his GOLIATH affiliation was being disseminated."

104-10122-10099: William D. Pawley

10/14/59 memo: (William Pawley) is a long-time contact with GOLIATH and a personal friend of its director.,.Bernatd Reichhardt is a staff employee of GOLIATH.

John Newman, Oswald and the CIA, p. 305

Referring to Gerry Hemming's claim in a document that he was a GOLIATH agent, Newman noted that this was another way of referring to the CIA.

104-10418-10016: Memorandum for: (Emergency instructions regarding custody of)

April 1964 memo on how Nosenko is to be held, with references to GOLIATH's relations with local police.

Larry Hancock, Someone Would Have Talked (Lancer, 2010), p. 142.

Larry Hancock reviewed many GOLIATH documents and concluded that this crypt was a reference to CIA's domestic intelligence activities.

Bill Simpich

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