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Cryptonym: GICITRON-4

Manuel Machado Llosas. Formerly LITAMIL-1.

104-10219-10066: LITAMIL/1 201-267298

11/11/70: Dispatch from Acting COS, Withheld to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: GICITRON-4 (201-267298): PRQ Part II - Operational Information: "1. Cryptonym: GICITRON-4 (Originally LITAMIL-1). Section I: Contact and Development: First contacted by Mexico Station (REDACTION) (ps) on 21 Oct 59 (MEXI-4554)...Subject was subsequently utilized by Mexico City Station to assist in coordinating anti-Castro activities...Section II: Motivation and Control: Subject became disillusioned with the Castro regime early in 1959 because of the communist infiltration in the Cuban revolution. Subject is strongly anti-communist and anti-Castro and thus willing to lend his services to combat these regimes..."

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