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Cryptonym: ESTIMATOR

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Unknown identity. ESTIMATOR was probably a telecommunications engineer, who was probably requested by CIA to visit a military base, the Presidential Palace and the Foreign Ministry in Guatemala.
A cable on May 4, 1954, stated that "ESTIMATOR visited military base Puerto Barrios 2 May to repair radio transmitter. Saw no military activity, only 2 or 3 soldiers standing around. This jibes with info from (note: Colonel) McCormick after his recent trip that region." A dispatch from Robert B. Riggs (Anne Goodpasture), on behalf of the Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala, on May 7, 1954, stated that ESTIMATOR arranged on pretense a visit to the Presidential Palace, and was requested to visit the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry to obtain all possible communications data on that building as well. ESTIMATOR was also asked to compile all possible details on the transmitter and power at President Arbenz's finca.


05/04/54: Cable from Guatemala to LINCOLN: PBSUCCESS RYBAT: RE: LINC 2137..."3. Re para 2, station sources alerted watch for shift military strength. ESTIMATOR visited military base Puerto Barrios 2 May to repair radio transmitter. Saw no military activity, only 2 or 3 soldiers standing around. This jibes with info from McCormick after his recent trip that region."


05/07/54: Dispatch from COS, Guatemala to LINCOLN: Subject: General - Operational - EEI: Specific - Movement of Guatemalan Army Personnel and Equipment: "1. Attachment #1 is a report from ESCOBILLA concerning movement of Guatemalan Army personnel and equipment from the Guardia de Honor to Puerto Barrios on or about 15 April 1954 (GUAT-425). 2. Colonel A. E. McCormick, who had recently returned from Puerto Barrios and Zacapa was asked to evaluate this information. He stated that it was probably false (reported in GUAT-425), paragraph 1). Checks were also initiated through other sources to confirm or refute the report. 3. ESSENCE' report is attachment #2 which he wishes forwarded to PANCHO (Carlos Castillo Armas). 4. On 1 May ESPERANCE learned from his railroad contact that no tanks or troops had left by rail (GUAT-485). 5. ESTIMATOR visited the military base in Puerto Barrios on 2 May and reported on his return that only two or three soldiers were seen standing around (GUAT-475). 6. On 5 May ESPERANCE-5 advised that 4 tanks left Guatemala City for Zacapa (via road on trailers) during the last week of April (GUAT-492). 7. ESPERANCE has been alerted to obtain all possible data on military strength and equipment on his forthcoming visit to Gualan in the Zacapa region. A report on his observations will be forwarded by subsequent cable or dispatch. 8. Reporting on military movements is not being overlooked and every effort is being made to check and forward the information as it becomes available. (REDACTION) Robert B. Riggs (Anne Goodpasture)."


05/07/54: Dispatch from COS, Guatemala to LINCOLN: Subject: General - Operational - EEI 46: Specific - Telecommunications in Guatemala: Reference: LINC-2465: "1. In connection with EEI 46, ESTIMATOR was given a general outline of desired information and agreed to collect it in connection with his normal work. There follows the information thus far obtained, the remaining data will follow by subsequent pouch. 2. ESTIMATOR advised that (REDACTION) has an order for installation of 4 teletype machines, 2 in the Presidential Palace and 2 in the office of the Foreign Ministry. (REDACTION) has the same order, making a total of 8 machines to be installed. ESTIMATOR arranged a trip to the Palace on the pretense of looking over the area where they desired the machines installed. He was able to spend approximately two hours in the communications area and on the basis of his observations, supplied the information in Attachments 1 and 2 (sketches of the communications section and radio room on the first floor of the Presidential Palace). 3. ESTIMATOR was told by the chief technician that all telecommunications lines are in a 250 pair cable and if installation of the teletype machines would blow this cable, all government communications would be cut off. ESTIMATOR was unable to learn the location of the cable but believes it enters the communications area from underground. He was told to devise some way to get access to this cable to determine the exact location and the best way to sever it. 4. The chief technician, named Mario (fnu), is the only person capable of repairing their equipment...ESTIMATOR was told to obtain his full name, address, and as much biographical data as possible. 5. Presidential Palace. The apparatus for Guatemalan Government telecommunications is located on the first floor of the Palace at 4th Street and 6th Avenue." (CONTINUED BELOW)


..."8. President Arbenz has two cars (license and further identification not yet available) which are equipped with VHF frequency modulated telephone equipment. Each has two channels (128 megacycles and 132 megacycles - one of which is Guardia Civil, the other is for private communications of Arbenz). ESTIMATOR could not learn which channel was for Guardia Civil...9. At the President's finca, there is a transmitter and complete emergency power. ESTIMATOR was asked to obtain all possible details regarding the transmitter and power...20. ESTIMATOR was also instructed to visit the office of the Foreign Ministry to look over the area where the teletypes are to be installed (and for us, obtain all available communications data in that establishment). 21. It is realized that this report, when compared with Merton's (probably Jack Stewart) outline, may leave much to be desired. LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) should not feel that missing portions of the outline have been ignored. Rather, indulgence is asked to obtain this data...(REDACTION) Robert B. Riggs (Anne Goodpasture)."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 222. 6/22/54-Telegram From the CIA Station in Guatemala to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida

06/22/54: Telegram from Guatemala Station to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida: "929. Ref LINC 4165. (2) 1. No indication ref true at this moment. 2. Reports from ESCONSON 2 and 7 indicated Commies and Commie dominated workers claim they intend attack embassies of unfriendly govts and especially PBPRIME (U.S.) embassy where expect seize documentation proving ODYOKE (U.S. Government)–Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) collaboration. 3. Strafing attack morning 22 June described by competent PBPRIME observer as pathetic. One small oil tank on outskirts of city hit but fire out in 20 minutes. Flak not suppressed. Plane apparently did not come lower than thousand feet at anytime. ESAGE, ESPERANCE. 4. Public impression is that attacks show incredible weakness, lack of decision, and fainthearted effort. Calligeris efforts widely described as farce. Anti Commie anti govt morale near vanishing point. ESPERANCE, ESQUIRE, ESTIMATOR, ESCONSON. 5. One lone plane attacking half heartedly at this stage of game gives impression weakness. If Adam (Guatemala City) targets to be attacked, suggest some show real strength. Display this morning far more damaging our cause than to govt and Commies. Govt widely accusing ODYOKE of being involved in this insurrection and the people believe this to be so. Weakness and lack of decision is attributed to ODYOKE and will be reflected in attitude of people and especially of Commies and pro govt irregulars toward lives and property of PBPRIME residents in WSBURNT (Guatemala). Only force and decision will be respected. Words are useless."

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